Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was great. Friday evening, Nate went to Kopp's to get me a pint of Turtle Sundae custard, the flavor of that day, and one of my favorites. (The pint is now gone). Saturday night, he grilled steak and zuchhini and made they fabulous mashed potatoes, which were inspired by an episode of No Reservations (one of my favorite shoes) in which Bourdain goes to Paris. He also made guacamole, one of my favorite foods.

Sunday morning, I finally got to open the gold box! There has been a gold wrapped box in our freezer for a couple of days. I had no idea what it was - I was thinking a cheesecake because that was the size of the box. I discovered it was a whole tin of Cheryl's sugar cookies!

I am obsessed with these cookies. I was REALLY excited it was cookies and not cheesecake. I also got a gift certificate for a massage and my favorite breakfast: over easy eggs on top of sweet potato hash.

We went to my in-law's house for lunch. The men and kids took care of everything. Normally I would be in that "kids" group but not this year!!!!!! This year I got to sit on my butt and get served. My FIL even slapped my hand when I went to take my empty plate to the sink. My cousin-in-law made the most amazing French Silk Pie that I have ever had. AHHHHHHH. After lunch, the women went through all of this old costume jewelry from my FIL's aunt. I took home a little bag of fun stuff. I also took home a light-up globe and some lamps that my in-law's were planning on selling in the annual rummage sale.

One of my favorite mother's day gifts were cards from my mom and my in-laws that explicitly called me a good mom. Every mom loves hearing that they are a good mom (I would imagine) but I think the sentiment resonates very strongly with a first time mom.

So...being a mom. I will not do it justice to describe what it is like. While I did get cards and wishes last Mother's Day, when I was pregnant, at that time I definitely did not feel like a mom. Some people say that they feel like a mom the minute they found out they were pregnant. I will not argue that, but I did not feel this way. Which made me nervous - what if I totally hate being a mom? Because let's face it, once you sign up to take on that role, there really is no way of getting out of it!

It surprises me every day how much I LOVE being a mom. Sign me up to have 20 more kids. (I KID! I KID!). At the risk of sounding cheesey, it is my favorite "role" in life. I still drive home all giddy at the end of the work day knowing I will get to cuddle Mags.

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