Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Part 1

Last weekend, we celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and my grandparents since it was my brother's weekend with my niece. We hosted brunch at our house since then everyone could relax, run around and play.

My niece has started giving away all of her "baby toys" so every time we see her, she has a new donation for Maggie. And my brother, nice guy that he is, makes sure that fresh batteries are installed. Oh yes - they are THOSE kind of toys. (e.g. annoying noisy) Maggie is now the proud owner of the Leap Frog ABC drum (which Toni pointed out, "really helped her learn her ABCs") and the Fisher Price Learning Armchair.

We also made the discovery that Maggie is a fan of watermelon, which attracted everyone's attention:

"What -haven't you ever seen a baby eat a watermelon before?"

A few of the million group shots we attempted. Keep your eyes on the kiddos - Toni was not a fan of the hairpuller:

Nate always accuses me of going through photos and only picking the ones where I look good. My response, "Who DOESN'T do that?!" ha ha ha. Well here is a photo where I look crazy. But apparently my daughter loves a little crazy:

It was a nice day and I got my first mother's day presents! My sister brought me flowers, my Nana brought me daffodils, and my mom brought me Cheetos.

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BrookeK said...

Toni is such a hoot! And that is awesome that your brother "fills" the toys with batteries!