Monday, May 23, 2011

Go Fish!

My dad organizes a fishing tournament for the company he works for and he rotates asking my sister and Nate to be his partner every year. (My brother works for the same company so he fishes with someone else). Nate was up this year so Saturday morning he was out on the boat with my dad. Nate is not that into fishing but my dad is so at least one of them knows what they are doing.

Apparently this year the fish were jumping into my dad's boat. So much so that my dad and Nate actually were the tournament winners! $100 cash prize. Woohoo!

THEN to make it even more exciting, Nate caught the biggest perch and won an additional $25.

And then...(I know I know - the excitement is almost TOO much) there are raffle prizes and Nate won the bonus prize - a coveted St. Croix fishing rod. I actually felt bad for the REAL fishermen there who were looking at the rod with envy. Nate gave the rod to my dad who was super excited. I think that keeps him on the good list for a while, ha ha ha.

Every participant in the tournament gets a raffle prize - you get to pick from this big stash that is displayed. The big thing is that you go through all the prizes so that when your name is called, you know what to pick. This whole thing is also hilarious. Unfortunately the tool that Nate wanted was gone by the time his name was called so instead he got a cordless weedwacker. On the one hand, I was excited because he had wanted one of those for a long time. On the other, I am now back to square one for Father's Day presents.

Fingers crossed that our old electric weedwacker sells on Craigslist.

I am so sad that I did not think to capture any pictures of all of this.

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