Monday, May 9, 2011

Eight Months!

The biggest development in the last month is shown in the above picture - a tooth! (lower right gum you can just barely see it)

Nate and I were just talking about how the last month seemed to be filled with lots of developments, which was fun. Our baby FINALLY figured out how to roll from her belly to her back. I literally was running circles around her room freaking out when it happened. Watching her roll is very funny - she is very deliberate and dramatic about it. It is almost like watching a roll in slow motion. Along with rolling she has been pushing up more and more. I'm not sure if she is getting close to crawling or not - I just cannot imagine her actually moving!

Just yesterday I was telling some family members that she doesn't really ever move in her crib. She stays pretty much in the same spot you put her in, on her back. Literally an hour later when I went to get her up from her nap, I discovered that she had rotated herself 180 degrees! The same thing happened this morning. I guess she has figured out that she can move!

Maggie is very content playing and entertaining herself with a variety of toys. We had to go to a baby shower on Saturday afternoon and while the presents were being opened, she just sat by my feet and played with her toys. I guess this maybe sounds like we don't ever interact with her, which obviously isn't true. I do think it is a good thing that she can entertain herself though.

Everything still goes in her mouth. Some were speculating that this might be because she never had a pacifier - which probably is true. Her favorite toys right now are the stacking rings. She loves pulling them off the stacker, especially the blue (biggest) ring.

In other recreational activities, we signed Maggie up for the shrimp swim lessons at the Y. Every Saturday from 8:30-9 we are in the baby pool. She seems to really like them! Basically they consist of going into the pool and singing songs and pulling them through the water - it seriously is more of a workout for the parent. In the pool, she has no interest in playing "ball" with the other kids and she also doesn't like being pulled through the water by her hands while on her belly. The girl kills being on her back though. I think swim lessons has contributed to longer bath times. Before baths were an in and out type of thing. "Hurry up before she gets crabby!". Now she really loves playing in the bath:

We started using a blanket at nap time rather than a sleep sack. You should see how DELIGHTED she gets when you cover her up. She squeals, then pulls it all into her mouth. Yesterday we went in her room to get her up for church and she had the entire blanket stacked on her head. We may not have a pacifier baby, but I can see us having a "blanket" baby in Mags.

Maggie still continues to be a great eater. I have lost track of all of the foods she has eaten. In the last month, it often seems that she wants to be more in control of feeding herself so I think more finger foods are going to make an appearance. In the last month, I also have fallen into the trap of the store-bought babyfood. There goes my Super mom badge, ha ha ha. At this point, we probably only make about 50% of her food. However, we have started giving her more food off our own plates. In the last month, she had her first meat - turkey. She is not a fan of it by itself, but does seem to like it mixed in with other veggies. I tried giving her lentils - which i boiled and pureed myself- but she was definitely not a fan of those. And we continue our love affair with puffs.

I am still nursing. Only 4 more months to meet the one year recommendation! Yes, I am sort of on a countdown. I really enjoy nursing and find it to be convenient and easy. However, being a full-time working mom means that I pump more than I nurse. And pumping just is annoying to me. I hated it when I returned to work and my pumping friends told me, just wait it sort of becomes part of your routine. I have not found this to be the case. I still hate it. It is hard to not caught up in the numbers game. What I mean by this is when you are nursing, you have no idea how much milk your baby drinks. You solely rely on the fact that they will stop drinking when they are no longer hungry. When you pump and make bottles, you sort of take a stab at guessing how much they will drink during the day. And then that total number of ounces becomes a sort of target like "I MUST PUMP 15 OZ today". And because I am an overachiever, if I don't have a cushion, I start to get nervous. I know that I have an entire deep freezer full of breastmilk. I know that I fed another baby for an entire month on my "cushion". I still can't shake getting nervous about supply though.

So with all of that, here is our current food schedule:
6/6:30 Wakes up and nurses
Midmorning 1/3 cup of oatmeal made with breastmilk and 2-3 oz milk
Lunch 4 oz food (1 jar) and 2-3 oz milk
Midafternoon 5 oz milk
Dinner (5:30ish) 4-6 oz food (1-2 jars)
6:30/7 Nurses before bed

While we may have fallen slightly off the DIY food wagon, we still are on the cloth diaper one. When Maggie goes outside the house to family members for babysitting, we do send disposable, which works out to be about one day a week. She is still in size 3. I went WAY crazy during the last two weeks with coupons and sales with diapers so that I got them for 13 cents a diaper. At the aforementioned baby shower, someone asked me what diaper brands are the "best". I said I didn't really know because we used cloth and that when I do buy disposable, I buy what is on sale and what I have coupons for. I have to confess that I don't really pay attention to what is more "green" or "best". Another CD mom at the shower mentioned that her pediatrician said that store brand diapers have less chemicals, so that is what she uses. A bonus - they are usually cheap!

We weighed Maggie on the Wii Fit 2 weeks ago and she was 18.9 lbs. She is sort of between sizes right now - most 9 month stuff is too short for her but the 12 month stuff is a bit big. Since most of the 12 month stuff we have for her is definitely summer weather stuff, I have been hoping it gets warm out because we were running out of stuff that fit her!

I think that about sums up the last month

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