Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have been on a sewing bender lately. I just cannot stop! With the amount of "starred" tutorials in my reader, I might really have to take a vacation from work just to sew.

Last night, Nate came home with more crack for me: fabric and tutorials courtesy of my MIL. My MIL (with help from my BIL) has been cleaning out the basement for a few weeks now. Their basement is like a treasure trove of awesome stuff. Seriously - I love going "shopping" down there. Furniture - check. Old costume jewelry from Nate's great aunt - check. Lamps - check. Every toy from our childhood that you could think of - check. Apparently she found some fun old fabric and a pattern for a quiet book that Nate had when he was little. YAY!!

I have another blog that I added to the Google Reader = more crack. Great tutorials, great fabrics...sigh. Check out The Student/Teacher.

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