Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Ten Signs that You Should Get Back into Running

Channeling Dave Letterman, here are my Top Ten Signs that You Should Get Back into Running:

10. Your husband comments that your "new" running shoes (purchased after the birth of your baby) are probably going to last longer than any of your previous running shoes.

9. You can comfortably run in shorts and a tank OUTSIDE! in Wisconsin!

8. You have added Ax Men to your nightly TV lineup.

7. When asked what your latest road race was, you pause, think and realize that it has been one year since your latest road race and that you were 20 weeks pregnant at the time.

6. It stays light outside well after your baby goes to bed.

5. There are 12 weeks, 5 days until the half marathon you have toyed with doing (and thus made a new year's resolution about).

4. There are 10 weeks until the first day of summer - when you might have to actually suck it up and wear a swim suit. Regarding the tankini - say it with me: "HELL NO WE WON'T GO"!

3. It feels so good to have the breeze in your face while cruising around your neighborhood. It feels even better to have the breeze at your back while cruising around your neighborhood.

2. You enter a friend's blog giveaway, which called for a goal, with, "I will try to run by myself without the baby jogger."

1. Your pre-baby sports bras finally fit again!! I may be a cow, but apparently I am an efficient cow.

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