Friday, April 1, 2011


While checking facebook this morning via my Ipad (more on that on a different day), I saw my friend MS posted this link.

Holy Canoli!

Jessica and Elizabeth, otherwise known as two of my grade school best friends, are back! (Side note: check out this pic of me my sis recently posted on FB. I think i was probably 10 years old, maybe 11. THIS is why I had imaginary friends from junior fiction:

Back to J & E:


I loved the New Yorker article line: "Is it me, a person who read nearly all of them at age twelve, while my parents sighed and said tactfully, 'This series would be good for a girl who wouldn’t enjoy reading otherwise…'". I am sure my mom sighed when she saw me reading these. My neighbor, Mandy, had the WHOLE collection. I literally would call her and ask, "Can I have some more SVH?" I literally could not get enough of them. What about those Super Editions?!?!

Check out these covers I found online:

Really...IS Jessica as grown up as she thinks she is?!

The funny thing is is that I can still remember main characters and plot lines of these things. Sometimes I can't even remember things about a book I read two weeks ago!

So Yes - I WILL be reading Sweet Valley Confidential. There is going to be a movie too!! :) Who's with me?

And if you are REALLY a fan, or just want some funny nostalgia, check out this site dedicated to Sweet Valley. This site is my book cover photo source.


Old MD Girl said...

My mom wouldn't let me read SVH. I suppose the joke's on her since I wouldn't read anything else.....

LOVE the glasses! Nerd.


BrookeK said...

OMG! totally forgot about those books. I loved them! and I think I had the board game too :)sounds like a girls night is in order to see the movie!

Missy said...

I was also an addict as a tween. My Mom kept my whole collection all these years and they're on my nieces shelf! Can't wait to read the new one!

Maayan said...

When I saw that news item, I literally squealed out loud, while 12-year old me was cheering inside and fist-pumping like a maniac. I read SVKids, SVHigh, SV: The College Years - anything I could get my hands on. I watched the terrible Saturday morning TV show, too. This news fills me with joy, and I'm glad it did you, too.

heather said...

LOL! I'm posting this on Facebook for some friends who were DEVOTED to svh books!