Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Who got up early to watch the Royal Wedding?!


I know many people have been complaining about how sick they are of hearing about it. I think I might have been living in a bubble because I really don't feel like I heard that much about it, unless I was watching Extreme Couponing on TLC and having to deal with that annoying "I Think I Want to Marry You" song. This is my first royal wedding that I will be able to remember - I was only a few months old when Diana and Charles married. I will have to tell Mags when she is older that she woke up the SECOND I got downstairs and turned the TV on, but fell back asleep for a bit and then woke up to snuggle in bed with us and watch the carriage ride :)

I am sad about two things today: 1) That we don't have DVR and 2) That I am now at work. I could have been watching that all morning. However, I did get to watch her walk down the aisle in that STUNNING dress, watch the stiff, awkward poses turn to relief and smiles at the end and watch the carriage ride to the Palace.

It may be cheesy, but "it is not often you get to see the wedding of a real prince and his princess". (Thanks for the quote, Keri).

Photo Sources: 1) I HAVE loved seeing all of the shop windows in London decorated for the big event. The Jo Malone flagship store is my favorite. Simple, Understated and pretty. 2) Reuters


Old MD Girl said...

You are such a nerd!

I remember when Princess Di and Prince Charles got married, in what was it.... 1980? 1981? My mom watched it on tv, and they pointed out her ridiculously long train. I was 3 or 4 at the time.

amyschlotty said...

OLD MD GIRL - I fully embrace my nerd status. :)

Missy said...

I totally took the day off :). I set my alarm for 3:50am to be on the couch and comfy by 4am...but decided to DVR it at the last minute. A good choice. After watching the coverage, I watched the DVR'd 'William and Kate' Lifetime movie. Now who's a nerd? :)