Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reflections on the Ipad: E-Reader

I've had my Ipad for about a month now. One of my favorite uses of it is to read online magazines. I wasn't too thrilled with the online magazine fad as I really have a hard time reading on a computer for any extended document. I don't know if it is because I can hold the Ipad more like a traditional item that I would read but I like it better.

So for content that is only offered online, I love the Ipad.

As for those magazines, the picture on the Ipad is INCREDIBLE. I am liking when magazines do ipad upgrades. Martha Stewart Living did a special premiere online only issue that you can download for free that was absolutely beautiful and had some fun features that you can not do in print (this is available for the Ipad and computer, BTW). I hope that more of these special issues pop up in the future. You can also pay to download the full issue. As a subscriber to the print magazine, I don't really feel like paying for the issue twice just so I can read it on the Ipad and have access to some of the Ipad only features so I haven't looked into a "regular" issue on the Ipad yet. I do feel like subscribers should get some sort of deal on the Ipad version or that there should be a tiered system such as "print subscriptions only" "print + ipad subscription" "ipad only subscription". Maybe in days to come?

There are new e-magazines that are popping up everyday! I like reading some of these on the Ipad, although some I have trouble with and have to use a regular computer. My wish for e-magazines is that they create an App and you have to go through the App to download the issue (like Martha Stewart does). I feel like that magazines that have Ipad capabaility are much more enjoyable than when I have to go through Safari to read them.

I don't know if this is making sense to those of you that are not familar with Ipad/Iphone/Itouch technology - A month ago, I would have been lost. But with the Ipad, you have Internet access and read these e-magazines on the Internet like you would on a regular computer. Some magazines also go through the Itunes App store (i.e. "There's an App for that") and this is actually the interface I prefer because most likely the magazine has been formatted specifically for the Ipad and has fun capabilities. Alternatively, some emagazines you access through regular Internet but they have a button to click that says "Read this in you Ipad". I am ok with this as well.

Alright. So here is my mega list of e-magazines. Note - these are all FREE to read! (One of the pros about them, in my opinion). I started to create categories for these, but most of them are a mix of Home Decor, Design, Fashion, and Lifestyle. A few have crafts and recipes as well.

Covet Garden
High Gloss
Horchow @ Home
Ivy & Piper
Laura U Mag
Matchbook Magazine
Nesting Newbies
Pure Green Living
Sweet Paul
Trad Home

The one drawback is that I can't rip pages out of the e-magazines. I suppose this is why people have Pinterest accounts to create online "binders" of their e-cutouts.

Final say: I like acessing this e-content but if I had to pick e-magazines on the Ipad or a "real" (aka traditional) magazine, call me a laggard, but I would pick the real magazine everytime.

BTW, if you know of other e-mags that aren't listed here, please let me know about them with a comment!

Photo Source: This blog via Google Image search and this blog via a Pinterest Search


Silky Jess said...

NYT had an interesting article about technology to spring clean recently: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/24/technology/personaltech/24basics.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=technology%20to%20get%20rid%20of&st=cse. One of the points it makes is that online/ereader is the way to go for things like cookbooks, which can have all sorts of interactive features.

heather said...

Yeah, I'm really weird about what I read online and what I want a book for. I tend to read "easy" books on my kindle/phone, but I definitely prefer the real thing! I haven't tried any magazines, but maybe I should as I can never seem to get through my paper copies!