Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

The Easter bunny brought a little treat for the Magster and hid it behind the curtain in the library:

The Playskool Pop-Up Ball Thing-a-ma-jig was a hit:

Then we got all dressed up and went to church where Mags made it through the WHOLE service and got a little stuffed lamb.

I loved her Easter outfit. The dress was a baby gift, the cute sweater was a hand-me-down from my boss, the shoes were found at a baby consignment store for $3 and the tights were also a baby gift. LOVE IT.
And then we took advantage of the self-timer on the camera to get a family pic. Yes I did coordinate our outfits. Lame, but true.

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!


BrookeK said...

I bought the ball toy for my cousin's son! it is still a hit, 2 years later!

Old MD Girl said...

Where'd you get your top? Very cute.