Thursday, April 14, 2011

GP's Cookbook Released Today!

I have mentioned my love/hate (emphasis more on love) relationship (ok, really I don't have a "relationship" with her) with Gwyneth Paltrow before on this blog. It's a GP day today.

First, I received my GOOP newsletter all about how Gwyneth cooked for 60 people to celebrate her new cookbook. {And, as my friend BCK pointed out, from the photos, it does look like she really did cook.} This email also had a recipe for fish tacos. YUM.

Then, I received my One Kings Lane email showing that I could buy her cookbook for $19. (You can sign up to receive One Kings Lane emails here. Once you become a member, you can shop Gwyneth's sale here.)

Then, I saw GP on Go Fug Yourself, which also mentioned the cookbook.

My friend EL also sent me an email pointing to the blogger's favorite lines in GP's cookbook.

So how long do you give me before I go ahead and order the cookbook?


Old MD Girl said...

You might as well just succumb now. Tell Nate you're still celebrating your 30th birthday.

Emily said...

For $19 I'll probably definitely get it!!! P.S. I checked One Kings Lane and the autographed one is already sold out.