Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I have long been in love with coupons. My mom used coupons when I was growing up and I loved going through and organizing them into their respective envelopes. I have long had one of those coupon file things. My college roommate actually showed Nate the coupon file early on when we were dating. And he thought it was awesome (early sign that I knew I was going to marry him). Little did he know that he would be high fiving me in the grocery checkout lane over coupons eight years later.


Last night I came to the realization that my couponing is junior varsity at best. Probably more elementary.

We watched Extreme Couponing.

I have been interested in watching this show for a while now to see what tips I could pick up. Then, at my book club meeting last week, people told me that it really is sort of like Hoarders and not what I thought it was.

So, when we were channel surfing last night and realized it was on, we watched it.

Hilarious...I think. One woman was going through DUMPSTERS to gather extra coupons. One man paid a coupon clipping service to maximize his collection so he could amass enough 75 cent coupons for Total Cereal to buy several PALLETS of the cereal. HE HAD TO PLACE A SPECIAL ORDER FOR CEREAL. All people had those baseball card collection binders for their coupons and then dedicated rooms and/or garages for their stash. 1000 deodorants. 5000 bottles of Wish Bone salad dressing. 100 cans of shave gel..."for men AND women".

The thing I did not understand was that sure you saved a ton of money on things but when are you really ever going to use 1000 deodorants?! One woman stated that grocery stores put things on sale in three month cycles so she stocks up in 3 month increments. She went to the grocery store and bought 40 boxes of pasta and 40 cans of sauce. Really? You go through all of that in only 3 months?!

Nate said I should do this. I gave him a look of death. That is exactly what I think I will start doing when I come home after a 10 hour day at the office - dumpster diving for coupons. And then when Mags is old enough, I'll take her with me. No thanks!

I did start immediatley laughing when I went into the grocery store early this morning and saw several pallets of cereal.

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Old MD Girl said...

You and Nate are CLEARLY no Italian. We could easily go through that much pasta in 3 months.