Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap Part 3

Sunday was Easter! We woke up and helped Maggie search for her Easter basket. But alas - we didn't have a basket for her because her present was too big. We went to early church service (8:30). Typically we go to the 11:00 service, but the 8:30 actually worked really well so we are going to try to switch to that one.

We had Easter lunch at Nate's aunt & uncle's house. Maggie got a lot of Easter baskets with some of her favorites: sweet potatoes and puffs! She also got two new swimsuits for swim lessons, a floating Sophie for the bath and some books. We brought along her Easter Bunny toy and Uncle David discovered that she loves if you remove all the balls and direct the blowing air to her face.

The annual egg hunt was productive for me - I was the lucky recipient of the $20 bill. I have to say that the Kopps ice cream and Starbucks giftcards weren't bad either ;) My MIL also got everyone a cookie from Cheryl's while in Ohio. YUM YUM YUM. Mags was too excited by everything to take a good nap so she got a little crabby towards the end. Thank goodness for puffs, which Nate has deemed "her pacifier" since she never was a big fan of an actual pacifier.

We got home and squeezed our weekend cleaning and laundry in before watching The Killing and heading to bed.

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