Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap Part 1

We had a crazy busy Easter weekend.

My niece's 5th birthday landed on Easter this year. According to this article in the Milwaukee Journal-Setinel, this is a rare event!

We started the celebration on Friday with a trip to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. My mom, brother, sister and I took my niece, Maggie, and two of our cousins (age 5 and 6) down on the train. One fun thing was that my mom did not tell the kids where they were going. So when we arrived at the train station, they were so excited to be able to ride a train. Then, while we were on the train, we were quizzing them to see if they had any idea where they were going. They did not guess aquarium, but our favorite response was "McDonald's Playland", to which my brother responded, "Yes. We are taking you all the way to Chicago to go to McDonalds". Here are some pics from the train:

Once we got off the train, we had to take a bus, "the magic bus", to the aquarium. We still did not tell the kids where we were going.
Waiting for the "magic bus" that took us to the aquarium:

My sis with the kiddos:

My bro and I with our "fun passes"

Once we got to the aquarium, we saw the HUGE line. Apparently every parent within a 50 mile radius of the Shedd had the same idea. I was holding a sleeping Maggie, it was raining and I almost started crying thinking about standing in that line. Thankfully, we got to go through a shorter line because my mom had pre-bought tickets AND we had a baby stroller. Once we were in, we watched a diver in a huge tank feed several different animals, including Nickel the Sea Turtle. My niece is still talking about Nickel the sea turtle that swam funny because she got hit by a boat propeller. She might be scarred for life with that one!
We also found "Nemo":

We think that the kids had fun!

I think Maggie did a good job with the trip. I had her umbrella stroller, and a small diaper bag with disposable diapers, and all of her food. My brother was awesome and really was holding her and pushing her in the stroller pretty much the whole day. Nate and I think it is funny that since we have had Maggie, my brother calls us like 10x more frequently. He loves her!

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