Sunday, April 17, 2011

Check #9 off the list!

Another one bites the dust on my 2011 Goals List.

#9 on my original list was to go through the two giant scrapbooking tubs in our downstairs closet.

Last Tuesday night, Nate asked again to go through them. Apparently they were really driving him nuts. Well he was driving ME nuts asking about them all of the time. As usual, I brushed him off saying I would do it "later". He bet me that they would still be there after the weekend.

Although he was driving me crazy, I'm too competitive to pass up a bet.

So this afternoon, I went through the tubs. It was like an episode from Hoarders. I have no idea WHY I was saving so much crap. I put all of our wedding related stuff in one smaller tub, threw a LOT of stuff away, made a pile of marathon numbers and finisher certificates that I am going to scrapbook (my last hurrah) and have a grocery bag of paper, stickers and supplies to get rid of. I used the empty Rubbermaid tub to transfer my maternity clothes to because the tub those were in was bursting. I also went through my drawers to get rid of any maternity clothes laggards.

We now have a whole shelf in our downstairs closet to fill.

And I will be the recipient of a nice massage tonight for my efforts.

I NEVER lose a bet :)

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