Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The other night I made roasted beets for dinner. MMMMM. I saved one beet for Mags.

She was not impressed.

However, I still had one beet's worth of puree (which is about 5 oz) so I decided to mix it. She did not like beet + whole grain cereal but this is the reaction we got with beet + apple:


After she polished off the beet + apple, we gave her some of this beet + blueberry + banana pouch that we got for free (thank you Target coupon).

Beet + blueberry + banana = BABY CRACK. I don't think she has ever reacted with that much excitement over any food yet!

I'm not the biggest Dr. Sears fan, but that man is on to something with his Happy Baby food.

Speaking of a happy baby, let's have one more shot of that cutie pie:

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