Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Months!!

Seven month report: This is a little scattered because I try to write things as I think of them and save the draft.

Mags is our little foodie. She LOVES food. We have even made progress on green beans, although she still literally SHIVERS when she eats them :)

Her Favorite Foods:
sweet potatoes
squash (acorn and butternut)
mango + banana

Foods she likes:
apple + pear mix*
squash + apples
pear + blueberry*
whole grain cereal

Foods she is only ok with:
Rice Cereal - Thankfully we finished the one box of rice cereal and I am not buying it again

Foods she does NOT like:
Green beans
*We think pears give her a stomach ache so although she will eat them and seems to like them, a few hours later, she is not so happy so we are giving pears a break for now.

This month she really has been into self-feeding. Her doctor gave me the go ahead to start using puffs (basically like a cheerio but it melts upon contact with saliva - less of a choking hazard for those with no teeth) and while she made a face her first few times eating them, it only took her one week to figure out how to get them into her face as fast as possible (with assistance from us). Then in the last week, she has really made a lot of progress feeding herself puffs which is nice because we can put her in her highchair with some puffs while we make her dinner. I also have increasingly tried just cutting up food into small pieces rather than purees, which she seems to enjoy. Less work for us too, although I still try to make most of her food. We have noticed that it is easier to feed her the homemade food because it is thicker. The store-bought food is really watery and it gets everywhere. Plus, making the food at home I can use breastmilk in place of water.

She has figured out how to suck from a sippy cup, but doesn't seem that interested in it. I would say the sippy cup is still hit or miss.

Still sitting up, and now reaching for things. Her torso control has gotten pretty good - she can do a half sit up.

Still no rolling, however she doesn't fight you if you start her rolling, she will do it (rather than push against you).

We have taken to giving her more tummy time after peer pressure videos of friends with YOUNGER babies on Facebook demonstrated their babies army crawling and moving from laying on tummy to sitting up. She still does not like her tummy but seems to be a little more tolerant of it. But Mags is still completely stationary. We don't have to worry about any movement from her yet.

We also try to get her to vocalize consonants. Her favorite (and only) word is still AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

We have been out and about in the running stroller more in the past month. It may have disastrous results for anyone who wants to WALK with her in the running stroller, as my mom found out. She was chatting up a storm when my mom ran with her but when she walked - she fussed. ha ha ha.

She now makes raspberries a lot, regardless of whether or not she is happy or mad. This is now sometimes a signal that she is done eating, which is fun when your face is full of squash spit.

Overall, I find her to be very smiley and easy to get laughing and excited, but maybe that is because she will laugh at any stupid thing that I do.


As for size, we don't have another well child visit until month 9 so I can't update the length/weight stats. She is in some 12 month stuff and still mostly 9 month clothes, although we have started to have to pack some of those up already!

We pretty much still follow her lead - she eats when she is hungry, and sleeps when she is tired. Nate and I can't decide if this is better or worse than having a rigid schedule. Generally, I think the baby-led works for her and offers some flexibility to us if we want to be out and about. However, sometimes I could see an advantage to her having a nap at the same time every day. She has fallen into a pretty predictable routine though, which is nice. She is up between 6 and 6:30 in the morning and goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 at night. She nurses right when she gets up in the morning and right before bed. She gets 3 oz of fruit or vegetable, cereal, puffs for lunch and 3 oz fruit or vegetable (we usually give her veg if her lunch was fruit and vice versa), cereal, puffs for dinner. She will consume 3 5 oz bottles on days that I work as well, and I assume she is getting that much on days when I don't work and am nursing her. While her naps are generally at the same time, some days she will take 3 or 4 short naps and other days she will take 2 longer ones. She eats at about the same times every day.

We are still using cloth diapers 95% of the time. When we do use disposable, she is in size 3. Now that she doesn't have blowout poops (due to eating solids) I feel that the cloth diapering is even easier. Also, I don't find disposable to be as useless as I did when she was exclusively breastfed. She would blow out disposables all the time. Now that her poop is more solid (sorry - TMI!) I don't find disposable to be as problematic. I also don't find there to be as much of a difference between diaper brands now that she has solid poop.

Baths are now joyous occasions in the full size tub. She LOVES to lay on her back and kick (read splash) water all over the place but also likes sitting up. Her swim lessons (she is in the "shrimp" class) start a week from tomorrow!!! Nate and I are REALLY excited.

We are convinced that she knows her name, and all the variations that we call her as she will turn her head and look at you when you say her name, so that is exciting.

Her favorite toys are the stacking cups, stacking rings, any blanket to play peek-a-boo with, her Sassy rattle, her John Deere Keys rattle, this baby einstein caterpillar teether thing, sophie (of course) and her baby kitchen, although i must say that I am really sick of the kitchen songs! Sometimes Nate and I will switch it to Spanish just for some variety :)

Here is a funny picture demonstrating her love of the kitchen. My sister was playing kitchen with her, while Maggie was sitting up, and had to go to the bathroom. She came back to find that Maggie had fallen over but just continued to play. She quickly grabbed the camera.


What?! What's so funny?

She also has a pile of favorite books. Nate has taught her how to turn the page on them when you say "page". It is really funny.
1. Raffi's Wheels on the Bus
2. Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do you Hear
3. Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?
4. Good Night Little Lamb
5. The Going to Bed Book
Nate is the storyteller. He is so good at books - she will sit and listen to him read a bunch where as I am lucky to get her to read one or two before bed - probably because she has figured out who has the goods to feed her with. But he does do all of these sound effects that she will giggle and smile at.

I still work 4 ten hour days and we still have been lucky to have family assume the childcare responsibility. My sister takes 3 of the 4 days and comes to our house. The other day, Maggie generally goes with Nate to work and a combination of his parents, aunt and grandparents will watch her on the other day. My mom will also come to our house to take that 4th day. This system seems to work pretty well for us and I think that everyone enjoys getting alone time with the Magster.
This month, was also the first time she went out of state! More on that experience later.

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Silky Jess said...

Savor the time of immobility, because once they start moving, it's so much harder to keep them out of trouble! Let her just sit and look super cute a bit longer. I love the monthly pics next to Mickey.