Friday, April 15, 2011

$50! Holla!

One of my goals was to clean out my closet, which I blogged about here. Usually, I bag all of my cast-offs up and let my sister and/or mom go through them and donate the rest to Goodwill.

This year, I was going to try my hand at consigning through a huge semi-annual area consignment sale. One thing I did not realize is that this is a lot of work. I had to scrounge up enough hangers, clean all the items and tag all of the items. Since I had 31 shirts/sweaters, 1 blazer, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 dresses, a pea coat, and I had to individually cut out each tag, handwrite them out and pin them to each item, that was a lot of tagging. Finally I had to race home from work one day, load Maggie up and make 4 trips from my car to the drop off site, literally carrying the stroller up 12 steps because there was no ramp.

Probably about 10 shirts were rejected because they were too wintery? ugly? bad condition? I don't know. My mom was happy to have them.

I went super cheap on my stuff, because I took to heart their advice: Price the items what YOU would pay for them, not what they cost you.

My mom and I went to the sale (as customers) and I was getting a bit huffy when I saw some of the stuff there that clearly was circa 1982. I believe my exact words were, "Ok my Express shirt from last year didn't get in but THIS did?" I still found some fun stuff (hot pink chuck taylors! a maxi dress! a paisley t-dress!) and spent $28.

As a consignor, you had the option to pick your stuff up the day after the end of the sale otherwise they donate it to area charities. Due to a family obligation, I could not pick up my unsold stuff so it was donated. So I really had no idea how much money I made...until yesterday when my check arrived.

I was SO excited.

I ripped it open.

$20.10. Net was $54 but after they take their 35% and the $15 registration, I was down to $20.10. Only 7 items sold.

Let down. Whah-whah.

In the future, I will just return to what I was doing - donating. To me, it was not worth all the prep work to get $20. I am just happy to have all of that stuff out of my closet.

In other income news, I sold my bike on Craigslist for $30! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may recall that I bought a bike from a neighbor a few years ago for $40. It was an ok bike. Old, but it worked. Fast forward to last summer when Nate's coworker was selling a better bike. I bought that one to replace my "starter bike". I tried selling the starter bike on Craigslist last fall. No hits. I re-posted it last Sunday and sold it Monday night.

Nate was happy to have one less thing in our cluttered garage.

So I made $50 this week. I don't think I'll be quitting my day job anytime soon! :)


heather said...

This is seriously so good to read. I always donate but feel like I'm just being lazy and should try to make some money off my stuff. Good to know that it's probably better to just donate!! :-)

Old MD Girl said...

I tried to consign some of my clothes a few years back, but the lady at the store was so snooty about them. Only certain labels were permitted, even if the garment was in good condition, and I had the same reaction as you when I looked around the store -- you're selling THIS but you won't take my stuff???

So it's been salvation army for me ever since, even if it's nice stuff I'm offloading. It makes me feel good to think that someone else who might not ever be able to ever afford clothes like that might get to that way.