Sunday, March 20, 2011


I cannot even begin to comprehend all the things we got done this weekend. Even with NCAA basketball on! {Both Wisconsin and Marquette in the Sweet 16! Yet another reason why WI is so amazing, ha ha ha.}

1. We took Mags to Sears to get 6-month pictures taken. Hilarious. We totally did it because I had a coupon (surprise surprise) and we thought it was sort of a rite of passage that every parent should go through. We took the first appt of the day at 10 AM. WELL OF COURSE she would not go to sleep for her morning nap so she was not exactly a smiley puss, even when she was on the furry white rug a la Austin Powers. Good thing the package only allows you to choose one portrait - there was only one good one to pick! Of course we could have paid for the upgrade that had the cloud around her head and "Maggie" in hot pink lettering, but we decided to pass. The pics will be in April 1 and I will definitely scan it and post.

2. Nate painted a vanity for Maggie's room. We got the vanity free from my in-law's neighbors. It needed a coat of paint. He did a great job on it - the drawers are still drying but when they are done, we'll post a pic. We also went shopping for new hardware for the drawers. We used leftover paint that we had - so the project only cost us hardware. We were just going to save it until she was a little older but the tower that her humidifier was on kept leaning further and further to the right. We decided that the humidifier probably should be on something a little more sturdy than Nate's first piece of furniture he bought from Target for college.

3. We grocery shopped, Target shopped, and Kohls shopped. CHECK

4. Mags and I went for a run. I wore shorts! It was a rough one for both of us - because while the "out" 1.5 miles was nice and sunny, the "back" 1.5 miles was all into the wind. Holy hell it's tough to run and push a running stroller for a mile and a half into the wind.

5. Like mother, like daughter:

What is she transfixed on? Why Joan Rivers on Fashion Police, of course:

6. We picked out a paint sample to re-paint our upstairs hallway. Nate started re-painting and we definitely picked out the wrong color. So now our hallway is maroon with spots of mint green. ICK.

7. 8 loads of laundry

8. Watched Life As We Know It - Josh Duhamel is quite possibly the worst actor ever. We watched The Romantics a few weeks ago which planted this seed in our heads, and this movie confirmed it.

9. Got killed in not one but two games of Words with Friends by HB

10. Cleared out a stack of magazines from the coffee table (which I will now be looking to distribute)

11. Finished the March Craft of the Month (next post)


12. I tagged, hung and organized my loot for the Divine Consign sale. One of my goals for 2011 was to clean out my closet. I got rid of 31 shirts/sweaters, 1 blazer, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 dresses, a pea coat and 2 homecoming dresses. FOR REAL. I think I just never got rid of anything since about 9th grade. I also got rid of anything that fit a little wonky. I now feel like I should go through one more time and probably could get more stuff. Through Divine Consign you make 65% of your sales. For me this would be $170 and 85% of my stuff is in the $3-$5 range. We'll see how successful this is. I am loving my closet now!

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