Friday, March 25, 2011

Soliciting Laundry Advice

Laundry is my thing. I actually really LOVE doing laundry. Thus, I am responsible for laundry in our house.

It is a good thing that I enjoy laundry because since Maggie's arrival, the amount of laundry we have has tripled.

Yes there are the diapers, but that doesn't really account for most of it. Most of it is her food-laden or spit-up trodden clothes. And OUR food-laden, spit-up trodden clothes. I commented to Nate the other day that I used to be able to wear pants and shirts more than one time. Now I am lucky if they make it a day without getting covered in spit-up. Pre-Maggie, we generally didn't have a lot of stain fighting to do.

With the introduction of food, our laundry has taken on a new level of stain removal. The biggest culprit is sweet potatoes, which of course are one of her favorites. The bib does offer some protection while eating, however as they say, "spit happens". Mags is proficient in the ways of spitting up...AFTER the bib comes off. I know many people just have their kids wear bibs all day. I am hoping to avoid this as I'm not the biggest fan of the look and then I would still have to deal with removing stains from the bibs and have yet MORE laundry.

My current stain fighting method is filling a basin with some oxyclean and cold water and letting the clothes soak in there until I do laundry and put them in the washer on a cold wash. I generally try to soak the clothes as soon as possible to avoid stain setting. However, about half the clothes still have stains on them when I inspect them after the wash cycle. So then I spray some Resolve SprayNWash stuff on them and re-wash them. Usually the stains are gone after this step.

So am I just going to have to soak and wash 2x or does anyone have any magical solutions they want to share?????


heather said...

I hate to say it, but you really are in the worst stage with stains. ..once the food isn't pureed it gets better. we switched to the plastic coated bibs with pockets at the bottom (target has them in 3 packs) and that helped quite a bit. they are bigger so cover more clothes and easy to wipe down or throw in with the dishes too. still not a complete solution though (i am a big fan of the oxyclean soak too)! :-(

Ali said...

We just strip the kids down at meal time. I fought that battle with Miles...then got lazy (although, I like to call it "creative nudity") when Felix came along.

When food stains do happen, I pour boiling water over it immediately. That works for things like berries. Not too sure about sweet potato? Maybe line dry in the sun to bake out?

hollyburch said...

I soak them in baby oxyclean for 6-8 hours. If the stain is still there when I take it out of the bucket I spray it with Shout before popping it in the washing machine.

Silky Jess said...

I just spray them with Shout spray soon after the incident. I wash the girls' clothes on the warm/cold setting, and it seems to work for most stains. Sometimes, I throw in OxiClean for a boost. For the very worst, I've tried other concoctions, but they really faded the clothes. Any white clothes that Ella had as a baby were thrown out by the time Zoe would use them... they were clean when I put them away, but that spit up must stay in some form, because when I got them back out, they were yellowed in some spots! But, considering most of the spit-up stage clothes have now made it through both girls, I have to give Shout and OxiClean some credit. You could always have Maggie live in a bubble.

Emily said...

I always pre-treat with DAWN dish soap to get rid of stains.

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Amber said...

Love it!!