Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Six Month Report

**For those of you who may have seen this post yesterday, I accidentally hit "publish post" on my draft version instead of "save now". This version has been updated.

Maggie turned six months old yesterday.


Where did the time go? I've said it before and I'll say it again. Time flies.

The last month has been crazy fun as Maggie turns more and more into a "person" rather than a baby. I got into a habit of doing this monthly review, which is handy since I got way behind in filling out her baby book. My future children have no chance of having a baby book given my slacking on the 1st!

She has been on solid food for a month now and LOVES it. Where at the start we would be lucky if she swollowed one spoon of food out of ten, she now eats fairly cleanly. And if you give her something she loves (e.g. apples) you probably don't need a bib. With the eating comes frustration if you can't get the food spooned up fast enough. Someone is a little impatient with their hunger!

Her Favorite Foods (aka better work on spooning these up as fast as you can):
sweet potatoes
squash (acorn and butternut)

Foods she likes:
peas (both pureed and frozen peas straight from the bag)
squash + apples

Foods she is only ok with:
Rice cereal - she will eat it if you mix in some fruit or cinnamon

Foods she does NOT like:

Foods she absolutely can't stand although it is funny to feed her them to see her face:
Green beans

We haven't had any severe reactions so far so keep your fingers crossed. We are still making the majority of her food, although I did buy some things because I figured it would be easier to buy prunes rather than DIY those. I also bought some peaches because those also seemed easier just to buy. One thing I did try was DIY cereal. NEVER AGAIN. I made some mushroom barley soup for Nate and me and had a small amount of barley left so I decided to DIY barley cereal for Maggie following the instructions in the Baby & Toddler Cookbook. You basically have to leave pearl barley in the food processor until it is ground into a fine powder. This takes about 10 minutes and white barley powder dust gets everywhere. Then when you add it to the boiling water, it became sort of gobular - like really thick oatmeal. Maggie ate it all, and seemed to like it but each time we really had to add more milk and mash it to thin it out. After that, I'm just buying the boxed cereals.

I had started just making one food at a time which would require me to make food about every three days. As she ate more food and added a second solid meal to her day, I have found it easier to make a bunch of foods at the same time and freeze them in pre-made portions. Then we just work from the freezer. I am currently going on about 2 weeks without having to make food. For freezing, I really like the Beaba trays. Maggie generally eats 2 oz of a fruit for one meal (lunch) and 2 oz of a veggetable for the other (dinner). If she is still hungry after that, she gets rice, oatmeal or rice+oatmeal cereal. We also started giving her a sippy cup of water. She really likes cups but hasn't really figured out the concept that you swallow the fluid that comes out of them! She actually seems to do better just drinking from a regular cup - which Nate started doing a while ago and we continue to do if we are drinking water. In addition to the cookbook, I have found this website helpful for food prep. Outside of solid food she is still getting breastmilk. Yay for making it 6 months. My initial goal was 12 months. I am still feeling like that is doable, although I was cursing the pumping situation when I first went back to work.

So the past month was big in terms of food...what else? As I posted, she now sits up like a champ. This allows her to rake every toy, blanket, pillow that is in front of her to her mouth. She just HAS to taste everything within sight.

The girl still has never rolled from her front to her back. And since rolling from her back to her front for the first and last time two months ago, she hasn't had a repeat performance. The doctor today told me not to worry. "Some kids are just not rollers." Maggie in fact will work her hardest NOT to roll, even when you try to force her to roll. It's quite funny.

Her other new skill is raspberries (i.e. blowing air through your lips so they vibrate). She also will put her tongue between her lips to make sounds. She will do this most often when she is frustrated or not happy - like when she is done eating or tired. All in all, Mags is CHATTY. She partook in book club that I hosted a few weeks ago and everyone was commenting, "Does she always "talk" this much?" Um - hello?! Look at her mom and dad, people! We're not exactly quiet types. I think we are going to have to start taking advantage of the church nursery though. I have been spending more time in the church basement on Sunday than I care to.

Because she is so nosy, she really seems to like any activity. Cooking is fun with her in the Baby Bjorn - I usually give her measuring cups and spoons to chew on. We have started taking her out of her carseat on trips to the grocery store, Target, etc so she can look around. I am eager to get a zoo pass this summer and get back into a routine of spending more time outside now that the weather is starting to warm up...ever so slowly!

As for size, we had the 6 month checkup today and here are the stats:
Weight: 17 lbs 3.2 oz (75%)
Height: 27 in (90%)
Head Circumference: 17 in (75%)

In the doctor's words, keep up the good work :)

This means that she is in 9 month sized clothes for the most part. We have maybe a handful of items that are still 6 month sized things that fit her and even some 12 and 18 month sized things (I'm not kidding - 2 of her pairs of footie pajamas are Gerber 18 months). As with adult sizes, baby sizes are all over the map - even a single brand can vary depending on where you buy it. And her feet? The most recent socks I bought her were 18-24 month sized. Poor girl!

We are still using cloth diapers 95% of the time. When we do use disposable, she is in size 3.

Speaking of growing out of things, she no longer fits in her infant bath tub, which was poorly named the "Newborn to Toddler Tub". So we did one bath in the regular tub with one of those giant mat sponges. Given that she was in a FOUL mood to begin with, the bath did not go very well. Hopefully things start to improve on that front.

The funny thing at the doctor today concerned the crinkly paper they have on the exam table. In previous visits, Maggie HATED this paper and would cry. Today, she LOVED it. We had to refresh the exam table 2x because she kept tearing it and trying to eat it.

She goes to bed at 6:30 - 7:00 every night. We have a night routine down pat. She eats her dinner around 5:30 plays for an hour and then we go upstairs for some playing in her room if she is in a good mood, followed by getting into her jammies and reading some books. I nurse her right before bed. She wakes up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 the next morning. I consider it a good day if she sleeps until 6. Sometimes she will go back to sleep after eating, but this is rare. We'll see how this changes with daylight savings time!

She LOVES kicking her feet when she is on her back. This will remedy almost any bad mood :)


Old MD Girl said...

She's turning into a little girl!

Emily said...

Wow, it's amazing watching their development. I hear the next six months is even crazier with the crawling and walking!!

Madeleine loved the crinkly paper at her check-up this week too. She would not stop kicking at it.