Monday, March 7, 2011

MAJOR Non-Sequitur

AH! I have all of these random thoughts in my head! What a treat for you for this fine Monday morning.

1. SODA STREAM! I blogged about DIY seltzer over a year ago in the midst of my early pregnancy aversion to still water. Well my love of sparkling water did not fade with pregnancy and I have a self-imposed limit of one can per day. I don't understand how sparkling water is as expensive as it is. I also feel guilty about all the cans I waste (even though they get recycled). My BIL got the Soda Stream for Christmas and gave it to me over the weekend because he doesn't use it that often. I have already made (and drank) 2 L of seltzer water! I think this will greatly improve any progress on my resolution to drink more water. YAY!

2. Netflix Via Wii: The one comment I got re: Apple TV opened a whole new world for me (Thanks Tara!). I didn't realize there are several ways to go about getting the Internet on your TV. While investigating this, I discovered that we can connect our Wii to the Internet and get Netflix. I also figured out what cords I can get (with some help from my Ipad source) to hook my Macbook up to our TV. Netflix via Wii has been fairly nice. You don't get instant access to many current movies, but we started watching Californication. WOWSA. This is a dirty, crass, FABULOUS show. RATED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. Add Hank Moody (David Duchovny) to my list of TV crushes. He sort of almost is reminicient of Jimmy McNaulty from The Wire, one of my other TV crushes.

3. Saturday Spa Days. This past Saturday, my friend HC took me to Gloss for a birthday pedicure. The Saturday before that, my aunt, a massage therapist, gave me a birthday massage. This Saturday....I think it's back to normal. But WOW! Starting my weekend with some spa therapy has been nice!

4. S--L---O--W movies. Friday night has become movie night in our house, which is fun. On Oscar weekend, we watched Chariots of Fire, since it won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1981 and since my friend CD gifted it to me in my Birthday Time Capsule. I wanted to love this movie. It was drama and about running. Alas, I thought it was really slow. I think I fell asleep during part of it. Nate got out the computer about half way through. Oh well - it has been on my list to see for a while and now it can get crossed off. I had a stack of movies from the library and this past Friday we watched Doubt. Also very slow. The best thing to come from this movie is now Nate every once in a while will do a Meryl Streep impersonation "I HAVE DOUBTS!!" (from the end of the movie for those of you who have seen it). It makes me laugh. However, I don't think I will get to choose the movie this Friday.

5a. Meal Planning. This is still really working well for us. My day off during the week typically is a Wednesday, which is double coupon day at the grocery store! A former colleague just started a column for her local Patch all about meal planning. You can check it out here. I was gifted a Borders gift card (Thanks Brooke!) for my birthday and one of the books I ordered was Moosewood Simple Suppers due to a comment I received on one of my meal/recipe posts (Thanks Cha Cha!). I have gotten some of the Moosewood cookbooks from the library before and really liked them. I am excited to check this out.
5b. Yesterday we made dinner for Nate's fam. I decided on baked Butternut Squash risotto (America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook) and Chicken Picatta (Barefoot Contessa at Home). At the last minute, I decided to make soup as well. I have been working through the soup/stew section of the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook on Sundays. We will typically have soup for lunch or dinner on Sunday and then I have leftovers for my lunch. The soup that was up was White Bean and Garlic Soup. I soaked the dried beans for an hour and then peeled a bunch of garlic cloves. I cooked the bacon for the garnish...yadda yadda. Generally I find that soup isn't that difficult or time consuming to make. This one did not fit that bill. It came time to eat the soup and I could have dumped a can of beans into some chicken broth and had the same result. Everyone was very gracious and ate it, but really, I am never making that soup again. This is the FIRST recipe in that cookbook that has been a FAILURE - Mom, Amanda, Jennifer take note.

6. And a funny story for you. One of my work projects has required me to go to Racine, WI. It happened that my friend, BCK, who recently moved to Calgary was going to be back in the US (SR>>The Beatles) and wanted to meet for lunch. Given my project, I coulnd't do lunch so we decided on breakfast. I am not too familar with Racine so I googled to find something close to where I needed to be and found the Milk and Honey Cafe. We agreed to meet there at 8:45. I programmed the address into my GPS and made my way to Racine. Blindly following GPS, I pulled into a pantry/liquor store at 8:30. The cafe was no where to be found. CRAP! They must have closed. I called BCK to make a new plan. CRAP! I never programmed her new number into my phone.

I had a panic attack right outside this liquor store. I called Nate...several times. No answer. I called my sister to try to get into my Gmail to find BCK's number. Given the ZILLIONS of emails I have to/from BCK, she could not find it. CRAP CRAP CRAP. I looked up and saw BCK drive past. I laid on my horn. She did not look so I sped out of the driveway to follow her. She turned into the next driveway and I threw the car in park, jumped out of my car and as I made my way over to her car I saw it.

The Milk and Honey Cafe.

I started cracking up. I will end this post with a lesson - don't let your GPS takeover your brain :)


Old MD Girl said...

Dear Amy -- YES! The Wii can be used to stream netflix! I just don't know how yet. Is it easy? I promised myself that I could get a Wii when I got my first PhD paper submitted and accepted, however this is taking longer than expected. Maybe I will just have to go ahead and buy one anyway.....

Also, re: the seltzer water. Plain seltzer mixed with juice can be very tasty too. Plus then you can tell yourself that you are being even HEALTHIER.

Old MD Girl said...

I actually really loved Doubt though. Sorry it wasn't to your taste!

Ali said...

SODA STREAM? I AM SO JEALOUS! I have wanted one for ages. Eric kindly (note sarcasm) did a cost benefit analysis and told me I needed to drink more seltzer (I'm an addict mind you). I think he is capitalizing off of my poor math skills to prevent me from getting another item to sit on the counter. I am going to have you write testimonial to him so we can get one. LOVE IT!

Tara said...

yay for streaming movies/tv! netflix does have a fairly odd assortment for the instant play movies... but the tv show selection isn't bad. we watch all of weeds last summer through the instant play. and we have found quite a few indie movies on there that were great.

californication is so ridiculous it is awesome. it only gets more insane as the season go on.