Friday, March 18, 2011

Maggie Learns to Grocery Shop

Yesterday I only worked an 8 hour day and it was like heaven on earth. With the extra two hours in my day Maggie and I went grocery shopping and went for a run.

It is becoming more and more difficult to lift Maggie in her infant car seat. I decided that I was going to give the child seat in the shopping cart a try (after giving it a good wipe down with the wipes provided by the store!).


She loved it. The first aisles we went down she was turning her head from side to side in a frantic way all the way down the aisle. Like, "WOW!! What is this amazing place?!"

Of course she also got a lot of attention, which our little ham loved. Here I was trying to take her picture (with my cell phone, hence the small size) and she would not stop looking at someone waving at her:

Finally, I was able to get her to look at me:

The whole grocery shopping experience was much easier than lugging that damn car seat. Upgrade!

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