Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leggings as Pants: Yay or Nay

My relationship with leggings came a LONG way yesterday.

I wore leggings as pants.

Not pants under a long shirt, tunic or dress.

But Pants.

I am still trying to figure out if I veered into TV stay at home mom territory (blame this post for that reference) or total fashion hipster.

I recall a day, almost three years ago when I could not stand leggings. Thought they were too trendy for me and I was not going to participate in THAT.

Then I saw my sister wearing them and I was like, "WHAT are YOU wearing?" She replied, "I know. I would make fun of myself too except that they are SOOOO comfortable."

I jumped ship and bought leggings from Uniqlo on my trip to NYC.

Holy cats I was wearing leggings ALL THE TIME. My BILs were making fun of me (and still do to this day) calling me a "coastie". (UW alumni will understand this).

I did not care. I was loving my leggings.

So then i started making fun of people who wear leggings as pants. Really? I don't think they are meant for this.

Then again, i came home one day to find my sister wearing leggings. As pants.

AGAIN, I went agog. "Really?!" She replied, "I know. I can't help it. So comfy."

I have missed wearing leggings since having Maggie. I mean, I still rock them now and again, but given that I need to have easy access to the feeding mechanisms, the tunic/long shirt/sweater thing doesn't work very well. It is ok if I can wear a tshirt with a cardigan. However, I only own one longer cardigan, which I just purchased last week.

Yesterday I was happy in my sweats until it came time to take Maggie to the doctor. She was getting shots so I knew I was going to have to feed her after (best shot-coping mechanism ever, BTW). So i did it. I wore leggings, a nursing tank and a cardigan - that only went to my hip/mid-butt. Leggings = pants.

Some people are anti this: Example 1

However, some people pull it off as "cool": Example 1 Example 2

So...leggings as pants: Yay or Nay?


Maayan said...

I, too, have transitioned into leggings-as-pants territory... ... I even went so far as to buy a "work-appropriate" pair (from Target) that "looks" tailored. They work so well tucked into boots! I say "yay". Plus, for you, it's almost a no-brainer... with your long legs, you probably look totally chic.

Old MD Girl said...

Leggings are great for the same reason stretchy jeans are great: elastic.

I say why not? If you got it, flaunt it.

Nadi said...

I would normally say "Nay", as I see undergrads rocking this look all the time...However, their back ends are infinitely larger (and bumpier) than, for you I say "yay"...i wish i could do it!

Emily said...

Yay - you could definitely pull them off. I love the faux leather ones especially.

chacha said...

I say Yay if you got skinny enough lower half for it. I am not sure I would but I am decidedly pear shaped (most of the time, when jeans don't fit it's my thighs that are the culprit, not my butt or waist).