Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hallway Makeover

We are taking it back to the old school with today's post in that it actually is something home makeover related.

We repainted our upstairs hallway!


There is something to be said about living in your house for a bit before you pick paint colors. We painted this hallway prior to moving in and the dark maroon seemed like a good idea. Once we moved in, we realized that the hallway gets ZERO natural light thus the maroon just made it feel like a dark cave. Another con to the maroon was that you could notice every scrape, speck of dirt, etc on it.

It took us a few paint samples and lots of second guessing, but we finally settled on Urban Nature from the Benjamin Moore collection for Pottery Barn. Yes more green. I never thought I was much of a green fan but I (and Nate) naturally tend towards green when picking out house related things. The green looks much better with our green accents and curtains from our living room. I think the fact that we have green throughout our house just adds to the "flow" of the house (Thanks CD :) ).


While I wasn't too sure about the color when we painted from the sample jar, I do really like it now that it is all green. It was hard to pick a color when the maroon was still on the wall. The hallway seems much brighter and wider - Yay!


heather said...

I really like it! i can see you switched the light fixture too but the overall look is much more updated/modern with the green color.

Old MD Girl said...

I like the color! Maybe a lighter colored door would help too.

Emily said...

Looks great!