Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CRAVE Cheese

I mentioned that the cheese that was recommended to us for our dessert course at Bacchus was Les Frères by Crave Brothers Cheese.

And I also mentioned how much I loved it.

This past weekend we had it for dinner. Sometimes when we have a late lunch, we are in more of a snacking mood for dinner, and Saturday was no exception. When Nate suggests cheese platter for dinner, I am never one to turn it down.

We headed to our local Sendik's and purchased the Petit Frère and had it with crackers, Wisconsin honey and cherry jam from Door County.


It sort of reminded me of an upgraded version of the Wisconsin dinners we used to throw for our friends in the ATL.

The Petit Frère might be my new go-to gift, in its cute wooden box.

Check out Crave Brothers. Any company whose website is cravecheese.com can't be bad, in my humble opinion :)

Photo Source: Crave Bros.

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