Friday, March 4, 2011

Apple TV

Does anyone have any experience with Apple TV?

I know you can purchase tv episodes and movies with it but can you also watch things from network websites or on it?

For example, we sometimes watch The Office on if we miss it's regular airing. With Apple TV, could we watch the epidsode on (for free) on our TV and not our computer screen?

Apple TV seems too good to be true so I'm wondering if it is worth the $99.

(BTW, I did notice that I can download an app for my Ipad to be the remote for Apple TV. :) )

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Tara said...

No experience with Apple TV. The last I read about it was that some networks are not fond of it due to the licensing (?) or something or other that Apple required with their terms. We stream through our blueray player that is connected to internet to watch shows. I think there are quite a few options for connecting internet to your tv either through a dvd player/gaming console or even just as an input...