Monday, March 28, 2011

{Amy} in {Fantasy} Life

I think I am a sucker for movies that display any large family gathering as the setting for most of the movie.

A couple of weeks ago, I commented to Nate that I really felt like watching Dan in Real Life. I am just going to go ahead and say that I love this movie - yes I love Steve Carrell and Juliette Binoche, so that might bias me towards this movie. I thought we owned the movie for some reason - but we do not. Fast forward to last Friday when Mags and I were at the library perusing movie titles and it practically jumped in our stroller: DAN IN REAL LIFE!

I settled in and watched it Friday night.

And mid-movie, when Nate joined me, I commented as I always do during these movies..."I want to have at least 5 kids and a big cool house so that when they are all grown up and married they can come back and spend days with us doing aerobics on the front lawn, having crossword puzzle races, you know - totally what people do in real life."

I have uttered this sentence before while watching The Family Stone on maternity leave (also one of those movies I can never pass up if its on TV).

I had to laugh when reading this blog post this morning - looks like I'm not the only Dan in Real Life fan.

And now back to Amy in Real Life...Monday at the office.


Tara said...

I love Dan In Real Life. And I also am a sucker for those movies with large family gatherings, set in awesome houses, playing football (or whatever) on the front lawn... etc etc Do you watch Parenthood? Kind of gives that same feel.

Old MD Girl said...

Does this mean you're pregnant again?