Friday, February 25, 2011

Yoga Progress

One of my goals for 2011 is to get back into doing yoga. I have taken some steps towards this goal.

1) My sister and I purchased a groupon for Riverwest Yogashala. We haven't gone yet but have to start a class by August.

2) I purchased the Shiva Rae Daily Energy Yoga DVD upon recommendation by JW. Shiva upgraded her production team since filming her pregnancy yoga DVD! I did the DVD once and it kicked my butt. I believe I stopped early. Oh well...practice practice!

3) Once upon a time CD loaned me the Parents Yoga for Baby DVD. I finally cracked it open last weekend. I don't think Maggie was a big fan of yoga. Some of the stuff she liked but others, not so much - she is not a fan of the "guppy" or "puppy" poses for sure. I will say after doing the digestive routine, she had 2 massive poopy diapers the next day. Coincidence??? ha ha ha I kind of wish this DVD incorporated more moves for the parents.

My aunt J also recommended the yoga show on Fit TV. Unfortunately, we that channel is not included in the package we have. I would trade 999 channels that we DO get for this one, but isn't that always the case?

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heather said...

I just started doing yoga myself but have to do it during naptime so no going out for me. If you have AT&T they have an exercise tv channel on their free on demand stuff. it is pretty awesome in general but I really like the yoga "dvds" they have from yogaworks. there is a ton of stuff on there's worth checking out for sure!