Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Six Days!

Now that Valentine's Day is over, we can proceed with the countdown to a more important holiday...my birthday!! (I can just SEE the eye rolls by my family members after reading that sentence!)

There is no blow-out birthday bash to celebrate the big 3-0. We are trying to arrange for a date dinner out on Friday night. Fingers crossed that it happens.

I thought I would celebrate the countdown by recalling some of my more memorable birthdays.

Starting with 16.

My 16th birthday was intense. I was going to take my driver's test on the big day. What better way to celebrate turning 16 than by getting your driver's license?! How about failing your driver's test?

The day began like so many birthdays - with a heavy snowfall. School was cancelled at noon that day and my mom called the DMV to see if my driver's test would be cancelled. "Nope. We don't cancel them due to weather," was their response. Ok. I was on - I had told EVERYONE that I was taking my driver's test that day. A little bit of snow was not going to stop me.

I went through the test. Things got a little sloppy on my Y-turn but I made it. On the way back to the DMV, the light by the intersection of Pioneer and Military (by Fleet Farm) turned red. I stopped and was the first car in line. I was practically doing the dance of joy in my seat. My eyes were fixated on the light. It turned green and I went. As I was going through the intersection, an ambulance crested the hill coming the opposite way. I pulled through the intersection and pulled over. The ambulance passed and I proceeded to the DMV.

We parked and I was expecting the woman to say, "Congratulations and Happy Birthday".

She did not.

She proceeded to tell me that failing to stop for an ambulance was an automatic fail. I was confused as I thought I did pull over. Apparently I should have waited at the light and NOT gone through the intersection. SIGH. "But without the ambulance you would have passed." Big Sigh. BRING ON THE TEARS.

OH MAN. I did not get my license. I then had to tell all of my friends and anyone who asked (I did tell EVERYONE, remember) that I failed.

How humiliating.

Two weeks later, I passed the damn test. There were no ambulances in sight that day.


Slunz said...

OMG! I also failed the first time! For something I was sure I did, but they told me I didn't do. But, think of the great story you have now - that is what I tell myself!

chacha said...

Well, that seems unfair! It all depends when you noticed it - stopping in the middle of the intersection (and blocking the road) is certainly worse than going through. That is a judgement call, IMO.

I *almost* failed, I think. My parallel park was just barely ok (he had to tell me that I was going to go over the curb if I hit the gas anymore). I had a wide turn and he said "that was a wide turn", and he took me off the standard course to a light to see if I was able to navigate traffic with a non-dedicated left (probably a sanity check for him on my actual driving ability). I was just happy to pass at the end.