Monday, February 28, 2011


In grad school, we learned about the Diffusion of Innovations theory. I would consider myself an early or late majority person with technology. I definitely do not adopt technology early on. I had a brick cell phone up until last year.

That said, I really wanted an Ipad. Although I think Iphones are cool, I never really wanted one too badly on account of the small screen. Why would I want to surf the web, watch a movie or read a book on that tiny thing?

My FIL has an Itouch. After playing mah jong tiles on it all summer, I really wanted an Itouch. But again, the small screen turned me off.

Then came the Ipad. It was sort of like an Itouch or an Iphone BUT WITH A BIGGER SCREEN.

But did I really NEED an Ipad?


But I still WANTED one.

I had thought for a couple of days that Nate was getting me an Ipad for my birthday. I must have been talking about one a lot because about a week before the day, he said, "Honey, I did not buy you an Ipad for your birthday. If you want an Ipad, go buy one."

Yes, I wanted an Ipad. But I also am cheap. Since I didn't need one, I couldn't really rationalize spending money on one.

Then, my mom's BF's friend who is definitely an "Innovator" and Mac-junkie was looking to sell his Ipad since he wants to buy the new Ipad. Oooh...tempting.

All day Saturday I agonized over whether I should buy it. Nate kept telling me to buy it - "You have birthday money to spend and you should spend it on something you wouldn't buy yourself." This is true - anytime I get money for birthday or Christmas, we always just put it into savings.

I went through demos, I read articles for and against (Thanks SB). It turns out that Ipads aren't really devices anyone NEEDS. That's what makes them fun.

I decided to buy it.

I called my mom to notify her that she would be coming back to CA with an Ipad on board. 15 more days until my new toy arrives!

And now Nate calls me Phil (after Phil Dunphy from Modern Family - who REALLY wanted (and received) an Ipad for his birthday).

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Amy Badler said...

I have an iphone and love it. I can't imagine my life without it now. My mom has an ipad and I love it and want one even though I have an iphone. Its nice to not have to lug out a laptop just to check email or surf the web. I imagine you will be very happy with this gift to yourself!