Thursday, February 10, 2011

Maggie's Interests: 5 months

The "big" space-eating Monstrosity Toys
I have waxed on about how Maggie really loves her Exersaucer, so I will spare you more of that. Sadly, she is sort of outgrowing her activity mat and is starting to get bored with it. We have moved our swing upstairs because it lets her sit up and gives her a few other toy options. While she wasn't a big swing fan when she was a newborn, she really likes the swing now. I think this may be because of the model we have. We do not have one of those papasan swings (e.g. this)but one that was more like a bucket seat (e.g. this). I think this model of swing is probably nicer for her now that she can sit up and not slouch down in it. We moved her bouncy chair down by the laundry (where the swing was) because really she bottoms out on the thing and she doesn't seem as excited about it as she once did. Our bouncy chair has this monkey and toucan on it that play music when you hit them. She looks at me like, "Really, Mom? Haven't I proved to you that I know how to get this thing to play music? Enough already!" However, it will occupy her for the short time that I need to put wash in the washer or drier.

Small Toys
She is starting to get more and more into toys and things, which is good because we have a lot of them! In her current stage, most of her current favorites are chew-a-licious:

Lamaze Foot Bugs: We got these as a gift and since she finally discovered that she has two things called feet she LOVES them.

Sophie the Giraffe: We have two Sophies, both gifts, and good thing because I would hate to lose this. Pre-baby everyone was all like "Oh you HAVE to have Sophie" and now I know why. She is never too far away. As my friend MB commented "One squeak from Sophie is all that is needed to make [her daughter] smile".

Nuby teether: Besides Sophie, this is the only teether that Maggie likes out of the stash we received as gifts. Unfortunately, i was not able to find the exact one we have on Amazon, BRU or Target. It is very thin and not as bulky as most of the other teethers we have gotten.

Lots O' Links: One of the few toys we bought!!! I bought her these because I really liked them myself and I was sick of picking up some of her toys after she dropped them from her highchair and exersaucer. Turns out she LOVES chewing on these/playing with these more than the toy we attach them too. They are helpful for attaching things to pretty much everything: carseat, highchair, exersaucer, activity mat...

Sassy Ring Tone Rattle. SO SASSY. This is actually a rattle that she can pick up and operate herself, which is why I think she likes it. Many of the rattles she got are too heavy or require too wide a grip.

My aunt B gave her some of my cousin N & D's old toys. One of them in particular she loves - it is a small stuffed butterfly that has crinkly wings. The same crinkle effect that the Lamaze sock bugs have. What is it with babies and crinkles?!

Ocean Wonders Seahorse - I will admit that when we got this as a gift I thought this would be a toy reserved for when she got a bit older. It is pretty big and bulky - not something she could maneuver herself at this point. However, this thing is a trance - inducer. After dinner we play on a blanket in her room and we will move this thing pretending it is swimming and she will get in the most hilarious, neck wrenching positions to try to follow it with her eyes. I thought it was also cute that when the Pachelbel Canon came on (it plays classical music) Nate told Maggie, "This was in mommy and daddy's wedding." AWWWWW. :)

Angel Dear Lovey - Things are looking good in this department. We gave her this out of the toy basket last night and she loved it (i.e. would not stop grabbing it and putting it in her mouth). These things are really really amazingly soft. She has the duck.

And then there are the books. Maggie still enjoys being read to. (And yes, I am doing everything in my power to encourage her to become a nerd-awesome reader dork like me). We read her several books before going to bed at night and I read her books before many of her naps when I am home with her as well. She still likes (no, LOVES) Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You - and will laugh at the sounds. Recently, we also discovered her joy in Night-Night Little Pookie, because in the beginning we will say the Poooooooookie in a high pitched squealy voice and draw it out until she laughs. Nate already brought out Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever and we started reading Snowballs to her after the "big blizzard". {BTW if you have kiddos that like snowmen, you should get Snowballs - it is a fun book with a recipe for POPCORN BALLS and she is a local WI author!!}

Mags has always loved music. It doesn't matter the genre, although there are certain songs that people swear she has a reaction to. For me, I can get her giggling when we do this bouncy dance to Rhianna's Disturbia. She also likes Brooklyn, Brooklyn Take Me In by the Avett Brothers - perhaps it is because when i sing it to her, I promise her a trip to NYC someday :) My sister swears by Michael Jackson and My FIL swears by Louis Armstrong. I have let her bang around on the piano as well, which she seems to like. With those fingers, the girl is a natural!

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Silky Jess said...

Funny, we were just talking about this Sophie the Giraffe thing the other day. I had never heard of it. Apparently, I was out of the "it" toy loop, already having a zillion toys from baby 1.

Oh, and regarding your last post, I totally remember the Days when Marlena was trying to choose between John and Roman. Can't remember her choice, though... they really jumped the shark when she became possessed.