Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Intro to Baby Food

We think Maggie is catching on to the whole solid food thing. Each night she gets progressively better at eating. The hardest thing we have to deal with is that she really likes grabbing onto the spoon and bringing it to her mouth. Yes, this is great - she is showing interest, working on motor skills, blah blah. The bad thing is that the food of the night gets everywhere BUT her mouth with the 5-month-old-feeding-herself method:

We have had pretty good success with the food we have tried so far. We started with rice cereal for 3 days. Our doctor (and most things I've read) recommended waiting 3-5 days to start a new food to make sure your kiddo doesn't have an allergic reaction. After 3 days of the rice cereal, we tried avocado. I didn't put the avocado through the food processor - I just mashed it with a fork. In hindsight, I should have sent it through the processor. I think the rough texture was too much and Maggie was not a fan. Once we mixed it with some rice cereal and milk she ate it but still was kind of like, "WHAT was that?" I didn't follow the 3-5 day rule with the avocado simply because I only had one avocado and the next day it was already brown and I didn't want to give it to her then. Anyone have any recommendations about making the avocado last more than one day? We usually put lemon or lime juice on it to preserve it but I didn't know if that was bad to give her due to the high acidity of the juice.

Anyway, after one day of avocado we went straight to peas. She liked the peas - and ate them without having to mix with cereal. After peas, we were onto pears. Day one of pears did not go so well. She made a weird (re: hilarious) face and I definitely had to mix with the cereal. Immediately after eating, she threw up most of the mix on the kitchen floor (and the table, and the chair...) On Day 2, she gobbled up the pears without cereal and no puking. The only thing I can think of was on Day 1 the pears were straight from the fridge and on Day 2 they were at room temp.

We have been making our own baby food. This is quite the craze in the baby world - they have baby food makers, baby cookbooks, etc. - which I don't entirely understand what the big deal is. You steam some food and mash it. Our own moms (and their moms before them) probably did this all without a fancy cookbook or baby food maker. That said, I think the cookbooks are kind of fun to read and they do give some good ideas of foods that I maybe wouldn't have thought of on my own. I do not have one of those baby food makers (e.g. Beaba) because a)I already have an awesome food processor and b) I didn't want yet another appliance in my kitchen. We do have the Beaba (and other brands) silicone freezer trays which several people gave us for gifts and ARE nice.

I had thought it might be time consuming to make the food but that hasn't been the case. We have been just giving her fruits and vegetables that we already have in th house so I think it is actually more convenient to make the food than to buy the jars. One of us usually throws the food in the steamer basket on the stove while making dinner and then after a few minutes we toss it in the food processor. I would imagine that on nights that we have straight vegetables for dinner, we'll just throw some extra in for Maggie. Voila. I was really surprised how far a little bit of food goes. We made maybe 1/2 cup of frozen peas and that ended up being about 5 meals! Two pears made 11 1 oz servings. (I know this because the baby food freezer tray holds 1 oz portions.) Further proving baby food in a jar is a rip off. We have been keeping three servings in the fridge and freezing the rest.


Old MD Girl said...

My mom put a big plastic sheet on the floor so that I could feed myself. She said it helped immensely with the clean up. Sounds like you two are having a great time with this!

hollyburch said...

I always let Alex hold a spoon while I was feeding him with another - it helped to keep him entertained and learn to feel comfortable with one.

As for the avocados - if you leave the seed in it helps a little. I always wrapped the leftover half in saran-wrap and then put it in a ziploc bag.

chacha said...

Concur about the seed - the half with the seed you conserve, and then saran wrap it. Try to remove all the air between the flesh part and the wrap. Usually will last 2-3 days. I don't usually bother with the lemon or anything.