Tuesday, February 8, 2011


At the conclusion of our last house related project (the bathroom), we proclaimed ourselves done with remodeling for a while. We were going to have a baby and enjoy our house (re: lay around it and do nothing).

I am glad we did all of our remodeling projects right away because it seems that 2011is headed down the SH** hit the fan route with the house.

First, there was the night that the furnace died. $3500 later we had a new furnace.

Now, we have an ice dam on our roof that caused some water runoff into our dining room window, ruining our insulation. I still don't really know what an ice dam is so i wikipedia'ed it. I'm pretty sure ours was not caused by a glacier (although reading that made me laugh). "Under extreme conditions, with heavy snow and severe cold, almost any house can have an ice dam..." I would say that the "big blizzard" could be filed "under extreme conditions". Lucky Nate got to use one of his Christmas presents (a ladder) to go chip away at the ice on the roof and put rock salt on it. For now we have to let the window dry out.

It is likely we will be getting a new roof this year as well. Like the furnace, this is something we knew we would have to do eventually. These types of home-related costs annoy me. Yes, I know maintenance is part of the home owner package but what is fun about maintenance? Nothing. Money spent on home maintenance and car repair are the two biggest snores, in my opinion.

Oh well. At least this way there will be more "home" posts in this blog suppossedly about a home makeover.

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