Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Countdown: 5 Days!

This post is dedicated to my 17th birthday...I think. This is terrible that this was one of my best birthday memories, but I can't remember what year it was!

ANYWAYS. My birthday fell on a day that I had a basketball game. After the basketball game, my friends were all talking about what they were doing after the game. I asked my parents if I could go out and they replied, "No. You are tired, you've had a long week, blah blah". I was not happy. "It's my birthday", I pouted.

No sympathy. And my friends didn't really have any sympathy either. I drove home POed.

I got home and my dad asked me to go down to the freezer to get a frozen pizza for dinner. Our freezer was located in the basement and on the way down there you went into our rec room. I started screaming "Sure. I'll go get your pizza because it's MY birthday and you are too lazy to get your own pizza." (Told you i was pouting).

I got to the rec room and all of a sudden...


There were my girlfriends. With cake, presents and sleeping bags.

Oh my goodness it was one of the best surprises ever because I HAD BEEN HAD! I had no idea.

The worst parents in the world suddenly became the best parents in the world. :)


BrookeK said...

yes! remember that like it was yesterday. So much fun!

Old MD Girl said...

Aw! That's so awesome!

Anonymous said...

the best part of this story is that you said "PO'd". hilarious. of course, the surprise was cute, too.