Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Countdown: 3 More Days!

This post is not dedicated to one birthday in particular but rather my collective memory of birthdays growing up celebrating with my family. I was going through this pile of old pictures last night and noticed a theme with the birthday pictures from my family birthday celebrations: they all feature an angel food cake (yum! my fave!), they all have either spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna as the meal, and in later years, the classic homemade sign.

Our mom let us pick the meal and cake on our day every year. My siblings HATED my birthday because no one liked Angel Food cake. BUT OH I LOVED IT. (My brother usually had ho-ho cake, my dad chocolate cake with white frosting and my sister, cheesecake in her later years.) I also to this day love lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs, which was my birthday meal.

Obviously, I don't remember this birthday but do think this was a sweet Smurf cake for my 2nd birthday:

Here is my 10th birthday with the Angel Food Cake (and my chia pet permed hair) displayed prominently:

(P.S. I think Maggie sort of resembles my sis in this pic!)

My 18th birthday. Note my brother PICKING at the cake!

And the best birthday sign ever - made by my sister when i was away at college for the ever important 21st birthday. Check out those bubble letters -

After dinner and cake, we would open our presents and then try to escape my dad who would catch us and line the family up for birthday spankings. Everyone got to give you as many spankings as how old you were (e.g. 10 spankings for your 10th birthday). UGH. I hated this tradition on my own birthday but thought it was fun on everyone ELSE's birthday. And we caught on quick - no one was really mean because you remembered who the hard spankers were. What goes around comes around at birthday time!

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Maayan said...

can't thank you enough for these photos! ;) HAPPY ALMOST-BIRTHDAY!!!