Monday, February 21, 2011


In short, it was fantastic.

In long, here goes:

We arrived for our 7:45 reservation and started with a glass of wine. I had the Malbec and he had the Cabernet. We started with the marinated olives and the Wisconsin Rarebit. The olives were great, although it doesn't take much to impress me with olives. The rarebit was AHMAZING. Seriously we thought about licking the cheese sauce from the plate (but refrained).

On to the main course. Nate had the flank steak and I had the braised short ribs with sweet potato mash and brussels sprouts. I thought the sprouts were a little on the salty side but the meat was to die for. We attempted making short ribs once. Ours did NOT taste like this.

For dessert, we had the Raspberry Millefeuille and the Les Freres cheese. I think dessert was my favorite course. The millefeuille was a really light yummy dessert and the homemade sorbet with it was excellent. I had wanted to do a cheese with either the small plates or the dessert course. I am so glad we went with the dessert course. We asked our server for her suggestion of a cheese and she recommended Les Freres. It came on a slate slab with blackberry jam, the most divine honey I have ever eaten, and assorted crackers and sourdough bread.

AHHHH! I almost asked Nate to stop at Whole Foods on the way home to buy a slab of the cheese. It was delicious and Wisconsin grown :) It was the perfect compliment to the dessert.

When I asked the server again what the cheese was, she actually gave me this book/guide to Wisconsin cheeses where it was listed!

All in all it was a great dinner. The restaurant was bigger than we thought it would be and both of our servers were perfect - knowledgable but not at all pretentious (I HATE snobby waiters).

We discussed our favorite meals at dinner and it was fun to remember all of the great food we have eaten. Nate had a lot that I had completely forgotten about. We always like to rank our dining experiences, particularly in regard to MKE - our own "MKE's best dining" if you will. We decided that while dinner was GREAT, it did not beat our experience at Sanford for best meal in MKE. I don't think that meal ever made it to the blog (besides for this mention) but it still remains in the top five meals of my life and the best meal I have had in MKE restaurants. Nate also agreed that Sanford topped Bacchus. The main difference between the two restaurants, in our opinion, was atmosphere. When I went to Sanford, I felt special. It was super intimate and I felt like I was going to someone's house for a really excellent meal. Dinner took almost 3 hours but it didn't seem like it. They had little special things throughout the meal (e.g. the amuse bouche). Bacchus was a bit louder and showier. It didn't suprise me that Sanford made Cream City & Sugar's top five list of MKE restaurants for Valentine's Day and that Bacchus did not.

After dinner we headed to the top of the Pfister to Blu for a cocktail. I had never been here but my sister is a cocktail waitress so we went more to say hi to her...and get a Savior Faire Martini :)

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