Monday, February 21, 2011

30th Birthday!

We started celebrating my birthday yesterday afternoon. Nate, while reading this blog, found out that my birthday cake growing up was angel food so he made me one from scratch. 12 egg whites! It was so so good. Of course we HAD to have a blue moon to get a bottle to cool it:

He then made this blackberry sauce with fresh whipped cream:

Even Maggie wanted in on the birthday cake action:

Then I went to get Maggie up from her nap and found a dozen roses on her changing table - sneaky girl!

I think she was partial to the crinkly cellophane.

Today, I was up to celebrate my actual birth time: 5:27 AM. It was one of those mornings where both eye cream AND concealer were necessary - I thought this was an appropriate start to my 3rd decade, ha ha ha. I spent most of my day working. Two of my coworkers decorated my office with black paper and a walker and a high rise toilet seat! It was hilarious. My boss made me another loaf of his famous bread (with olives!) and a coworker gave me a family size bag of crunchy cheetos (guilty pleasure). So for a work day, it was pretty fun!

I got home and Nate made dinner and there was another present!

I might be biased, but I think she looks pretty cute in gold ribbon:

I opened the gold box and found a new watch!!! My current (now former!) watch was the first present Nate ever gave me - over 8 years ago. It is really scratched and beaten up. I had ripped out this Seiko ad in a recent issue of Lucky magazine and was going to look into it. Then I just kept forgetting. Well, lo and behold, Nate got me that watch:

Maggie approves of my new bling:

I had thought that all the presents were over at this point, but Maggie has a way of rising to special occasions with a blowout diaper. Welcome back to the real world!! :)

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Emily said...

Hope you had a great birthday!! What a super husband you have.