Saturday, January 8, 2011


We now have a four month old. She loves eating her hands or anything that she can get her hands on (like Mickey). She is grasping things with more control and of course this means that drool has made an appearance. It hasn't gotten out of control yet so we aren't using bibs or anything.

She even enjoys tummy time a bit more - my sister caught her smiling during Tsquared! We set up her Lamaze mirror on the arm of the couch for her to look at. Sometimes I sing "You're so Vain" when I catch her admiring her reflection, ha ha ha.

- such an excellent cobra pose:

We do not have any roll over action yet although I sense she is getting close. She now will arch her back and crane her neck around and even does these movements by lifting her butt up while she is in a sitting position. We first discovered this movement in her bath. The bathtub has her reclined at a 45 degree angle and you really have to watch her b/c she will lift her butt up to get over the hump and get almost horizontal. It is really funny. She definitely LOVES her bath now. We think part of the reason this is is that we make them much warmer than we did in the beginning. We were so afraid of burning her! The bathroom floor is quite soaked at the end of them! We still only bathe her 1x per week. Her skin has definitely taken after me - dry dry dry and really, she doesn't NEED a bath more often that that.

If you put her on her activity mat on her back or on a blanket, she now notices the toys that are on either side of her and will twist a bit to look at them. She goes CRAZY in the activity mat. CRAZY.

She is definitely more interactive. You can definitely get her to laugh or smile almost on command. She still likes standing a lot. Either with our assistance or in her exersaucer. We don't really have to put a blanket around her anymore in the exersaucer to keep her stable.

She loves Sophie the Giraffe - both for her excellent chew-ability and for her squeak. Her favorite book right now is Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? She will smile EVERY SINGLE TIME you make the owl "hoo hoo" sound or whisper the "whisper whisper" part in her ear. Interestingly, she will not smile if you just say "hoo hoo" or whisper in her ear without the book. So we think she must like those sounds associated with the book.

She has a fairly regular routine now too. I wake her up at 6:15 to eat before I go to work and she goes back to sleep and will wake up around 8. She takes 4 naps throughout the day and goes to bed at 7:15. She eats 6-7 times per day. She still needs to be swaddled to sleep. We are starting to try to wean her from it, but it definitely is not easy. We keep swaddling her at night (hey, I'm not ready to mess with that yet!) but try not swaddling her at naps. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. We are now at the point where we just put her in her crib and she puts herself to sleep! Hooray! This has been going on for several weeks I am glad to say. I wanted her to get to that point before I went back to work to make it easier on her babysitters. Every once in a great while she will still have a meltdown that requires some pre-sleep bouncing but those are few and far between.

We had no problems with switching to bottles for half of her feedings while I am at work. I think it helped that we started giving her one bottle a day back at the one month period. But who knows - maybe she would have been ok with the bottle without that. We weighed her on the Wii Fit on Thursday night and she was 14.4 lbs - this is still right along her growth curve. She has her four month doctor appointment (more shots!) in 2 weeks.


caroldes7 said...

cutie pie! the classic four month old pose (cobra) according to babycenter or one of those experts.

Old MD Girl said...

4 month milestone = bringing hands to midline. Yay peds rotation!

She's a cutie-pie!

Emily said...

She is just adorable!