Friday, January 28, 2011

Running On...

"...Running on Empty. Running On...Running Blind. Running into the sun but I'm running behind...."

{Love this Jackson Browne song}

I did not go to the gym to run once this week.

I would like to blame this on the fact that we had a lot going on after work. But alas. We did not have anything going on. I was just too tired.

Holy crap is it hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym after working 10 hours, doing the dinner-dishes-play with baby dance, putting baby to bed dance...At 7:30 PM I am EXHAUSTED. Two weeks ago I made it to the gym 3 nights. And I was so so so tired the next morning and all week. I think I am still recovering from that. I think I use up all my energy working and making breastmilk. My bedtime is getting earlier and earlier and I still am so tired. I feel like I am shoveling food in my mouth all the time. And I am still hungry. And my pants are still too big (probably not something one should complain openly about...)


In other running related news, I bought a running stroller. I know, I know. Some of you reading this are probably saying, "I thought you didn't want a running stroller." And I didn't. This is just one of the numerous examples of "Amy's judgement Before and After Baby" (future post title...mark my words).

Before Baby: "I do not want a running stroller because I feel like running will be my "me" time and this will let Nate bond with the baby."

After Baby: "I never see my baby. And sometimes it would be nice if I could just take her with me running rather than have to wait for Nate to come home. I still don't know if I will like this running stroller thing."

I emailed AH and her husband, E, about the whole running stroller thing a while ago. I knew they had one and used it to run. I also knew that they would have researched the heck out of baby strollers so contacting them would allow me to bypass that. They recommended hands down the Baby Jogger brand, performance model with the 20" wheels. This is also the stroller that the Run Like a Mother book recommended and the one that MB & her hubby have. Ok three well-researched recommendations. Let's investigate this stroller.

Holy Crap.


That seemed like a lot to invest in a stroller that I don't even know if I will like using.

So I hit up Craigslist. I found one for $150. We went to look at it and the hand brake did not work. For $150, I wanted the hand brake to work.

Then I found one for $45. I thought - this probably isn't the real Baby Jogger, but I met the woman anyway. Turns out it was a real Baby Jogger, although pretty well used (but hey! the handbrake worked!). She said that for their first kid, her husband (the runner) bought one brand new and used it once. They sold that on Craigslist. For their second kid, he wanted to try it again and she made him buy one on Craigslist - this is the one they were now potentially selling to me. He again used it once. She was pregnant with their third kid and told him - no more running strollers. So I bought it. I figured it is good enough for me to try one summer and if I love it, I can get a better than used one. If I hate it, I only invested $45 and probably could re-sell it to someone like me.

Now if only the weather would get warmer...


Maayan said...

I think you're actually going to like it. I don't say this on experience, obvs. BUT. My SIL got one after our first nephew was born when she decided to train for a half-marathon to lose baby weight. She always talks about how great it was, because she'd be exhausted and would look down, and he'd be smiling up at her, like he was encouraging her and was her little cheerleader. She felt like it was great bonding time, and he got to really look around and see the world and he loved the faster strolling...

heather said...

I have a double jogger that I have used exactly twice to run with, BUT I use it almost every day for walks to school and around the neighborhood & basically all summer. It's great in the winter too as I can put the toddler bundle mess in it & use the rain guard if its too cold and still walk to school to pick up my oldest. I think it's nice and I think I would use it more to run if I was an outside runner (for now I'm a nap time on the treadmill girl).

Silky Jess said...

A lesson I partially learned after one baby and fully learned after two--take it easy while you are breastfeeding. Your body is doing a ton of work at every moment. Take walks, do yoga (you can do just 20 minutes if you want with that DVD, which I have done many times), whatever makes you feel good but not exhausted. The day will come when you are done breastfeeding, and I promise you will have more energy again. Now, motivation is a whole other story...

On another topic, I saw Maggie's doppelganger the other day at the Botanical Gardens. I think the mom and grandma thought I was weird, because I kept looking at the baby.