Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Addition to the Google Reader: Mile Markers

I collect blogs in my Google Reader like they are going out of style. Looking back, I always wanted to have a collection. There was my rock collection, my seashell collection, my Snow Babies collection. I never had a Troll collection like some of my friends at school, but boy did I want one.

Keeping up with my Google Reader was always a challenge. Now it is pretty much impossible. The new message number has been at "1000+" since Maggie was born. I deleted a bunch of blogs but that didn't help matters because I keep adding more in. Oh well. I look at it as I will always have something to read. I will be sharing my new additions throughout the year - maybe you will find them relevant to your own life.

This month's addition was Mile Markers, written by Kristin Armstrong. Although I had been a subscriber to Runner's World for years (my subscription lapsed last summer), I had never heard of this blog. My friend and runner E had posted one of the blog posts to her Facebook wall and since then I have been hooked. I find her posts inspirational and very relatable - and I am so not into the self help/personal fulfillment genre. (I found Eat Pray Love, the book, to be annoying at best; and the movie, even worse.) I was excited to see that Mile Markers the book comes out in March. While running is certainly a topic of this blog, it isn't the entire focus. I think reading these posts has reignited my desire to get back into yoga, as mentioned on my 11 for 11 list.

So I might be a few years late to the table on this one, but I'm glad I finally arrived.

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