Saturday, January 15, 2011

Momentous Occasion!

No Maggie did not roll over. She is SO CLOSE though.

HOWEVER, Maggie slept through the night without a swaddler!!!!!!!!!!

As I mentioned we have been trying to wean her from the swaddler. This past week she woke up every morning with her arms out of it. Additionally, the two swaddlers we have were getting to be too small for her, and we already own the largest size they make in the Kiddopotamus and Summer Infant brands. I said we were NOT going to try to find jumbo swaddlers - that when she outgrew these two, she was done.

The weaning strategy
We get these weekly emails from The Bump. The email this week had some link to a "trying to wean the swaddler" message board. I read some of the posts and as usual, eveyone recommended a different strategy. "Try swaddling only one arm in", "Try loosening the swaddler"; "Try losing the swaddler at naps to start". The one arm and loose swaddler strategies were not effective in my opinion. Once Maggie has the tiniest bit of wiggle room she is out in about 0.3 seconds so we might as well just not swaddle her. This past week, we took the attitude of try naps without the swaddler and if she gets to be totally crazy, go ahead and swaddle her. We were still swaddling at night. Then Thursday night hit. She broke out of the swaddler and woke herself up twice during the night. We went in and re-swaddled her and she went back to sleep. However, we were not about to start a new trend of getting up and re-swaddling during the night. So last night, we were going to try no swaddler since the weekend was approaching and if the nights were really bad, we could nap during the day. Thinking that she would only need a couple of nights to break the swaddle habit.

We put her in a sleeveless wearable blanket and put her to bed at her usual time. She went to sleep and stayed asleep all night with no crying!!!!!!!!!! We fist bumped her this morning. Maybe that is all the positive reinforcement she will need to keep up the trend, ha ha ha.

Here she is in "wooly bully" (our nickname) - the wearable blanket.

I don't know if a couple days of napping sans swaddler did it or if we should have just went cold turkey right away. We'll see if our luck lasts. Just in case, I haven't packed away the swaddlers yet. :)


Ali said...

Time to celebrate! Huzzah! She never ceases to give the rest of us hope for our own children. :) And lord is she cute

Amy Badler said...

I'm jealous that she is sleeping through the night at 4 months old! Alison didn't do that until she was 6 months old, and Ben around 9 months! =) Way to go Maggie!

Anonymous said...

I too am jealous :) I think we are on the verge of having to break the swaddle habit with Anslea. Keep me posted on how your cold turkey method continues to work!