Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

We said good bye to 2010 and hello to 2011 over delicious food, some tears and lots of champagne-induced laughs.

Let's start with grocery shopping. I had mentioned that Nate was getting a lot of food items from wholesalers for the holidays. One of the things was a Butterball turkey check. We were sort of like, "What do we do with this? We certainly don't need a huge turkey!". We found out we could spend the check on any grocery items. So we went frivolous grocery shopping - shrimp! champagne! Those really sweet frosted sugar cookies from the bakery! We get up to the checkout and the woman had to call the service desk for instructions: "Yeah, What do I do with this Butterball Check?" We were cracking up. Nate also got four NY Strip steaks from Omaha you can guess what we had for NYE dinner!

We took advantage of the 50 degree weather (in January! in Wisconsin!) and grilled steak and shrimp. We also had marinated eggplant and zuchhini, Brussels sprouts, and mashed potatoes. After Mags went to bed, we watched Toy Story 3. (Don't judge - after watching both Inception and Black Swan this week, I needed something light and easy to digest.) As someone who is sad/nervous/anxious to go back to work on Monday, this movie literally had me sobbing at the end of it. New moms - take note! (Although I really think I would have cried even if I wasn't a mom.) Nate decided after the movie was a good time to break out the bubbly. One glass of champagne later I was giddy and cracking up at all of the new years eve specials. Did you know that Snooki (of Jersey Shore fame) was going to drop from a ball?! Seriously. What is going on in the world. I also was happy that NKOTB performed. Was anyone else a fanatic about the New Kids on the Block?!

We made it up until 12:15 AM. It's the latest I have been up since September 8. This morning we made sweet potato hash with over easy eggs on top, rosemary sourdough toast and chocolate croissants. Now let's hope the Badgers win the Rose Bowl tonight!


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Maayan said...

I had a life-sized poster of Donny on my closet door, which I kissed good morning and good night. Yes. I did. I also burst into tears once when we saw them at a Red Sox game, just walking by (they were noticed after my grandfather said, "hey, aren't those those guys on your hat?" - yep, wore my NKOTB HAT to a Red Sox game).