Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun Baby!

Maggie is in a very fun stage right now. I feel like I can make her laugh or smile at just about anything. She also is a chatterbug.

I had to pack up a bunch of clothes this morning that were too small. If you had told me that my four and a half month old would be wearing nine-month sized things I would have thought you were crazy. But so it goes with baby clothes!

We like to say she is on a rolling strike. She rolled for the first and last time a week ago. She has not rolled since. Instead she rotates around on her bottom to see what she wants to see. (We were sitting behind her to get her to turn her head and roll around to look at us.) She has outsmarted us. She still has never rolled from her tummy to her back, although that is apparently supposed to be easier for them. You would think she would have figured that out early on to get out of tummy time since she dislikes it. I guess she isn't THAT smart yet :)

I am enjoying a day off with her. I was not enjoying that this day started at 4:22 AM. My fingers are crossed that it is just a growth spurt and not a new thing. I am an early morning person but even that is too early for me!

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Maayan said...

this outfit is delightful in every way. so is she.