Saturday, January 22, 2011


It started out with a smell.

Last night we had friends over for dinner and games. It was a nice laid back evening. People left around 12 AM and we cleaned up and got to bed. It smelled sorta weird in our house. Even though I don't think carbon monoxide smells, that was where my mind went. So nate dusted off the carbon monoxide detector and changed the batteries. No, it wasn't CO. But the burning smell still continued. Nate went downstairs to investigate our furnace and called the number on it at 2 AM. Apparently it sounded like our blower motor was out. Temperatures in our house were falling fast. They were going to send someone over around 8 AM.

So we threw another layer of clothes on and then Maggie woke up. She would not go back to sleep in her crib, which we have never had an issue with - I think it was just too cold. I tried feeding her, we paced up and down her room, she would be fine in my arms but the minute she was in the crib, she was screaming bloody murder. After an hour and a half of this, we threw in the towel and co-slept. Once she was in our bed, she went right to sleep.

The three of us huddled together under the covers and got a few hours of sleep before the furnace guy came.

Our furace is circa 1991 - the part that broke is over half the cost of a new furnace. So we were going to just get a new furnace. Problem - they couldn't install it until Monday. OF COURSE this happens in the dead of winter when we are having negative temps. OF COURSE this happens during the weekend.

We started calling around and found someone to install the furnace today so we are just hanging out waiting for him to arrive. Thankfully, the Hs brought over a space heater and the Cs brought over coffee, bagels and more space heaters. Once we had a space heater in her room, Maggie took a two hour nap in her crib. I'm hoping she doesn't remember the warm coziness of our bed :)

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