Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another transition is upon us!

Oh No! Today is the last day that our nanny will be with us full time!

I believe I have mentioned on here that our nanny = my one and only sister, A. When I was pregnant, I asked her if she would ever consider being our nanny since she goes to college at a University here in the city. She said yes! I was excited.

Fast forward a few months to the week before I had to go back to work and I was ELATED that she was doing this. It made my transition to work much easier. My sister is like me in a lot of ways but also the polar opposite of me in others - mainly she is not as neurotic as me. That said, she still came over the Sunday before my first day back and patiently listened to me read a FOUR PAGE TYPED DOCUMENT that I made re: caring for Maggie. Of course this was 99% for my benefit. I was so nervous to leave Maggie that I felt if I typed a book on her, it would all be ok. She agreed to come 7:30 - 5 four days a week and we worked out a "salary".

The first day of work came and I willed myself not to call home until noon. When I called, I could hear Maggie laughing in the background. A sent me photos of Maggie smiling and playing. I knew she was having a great time. I don't know why but I was worried she would just scream all day.

Three weeks may not seem like a long time but it's crazy how much babies change and adapt in that short amount of time. A has helped us get Maggie out of the swaddler, has started to watch Maggie grow out of the 6-month sized clothes (yes, it's happening already!), has practiced rolling with her (she's still on the verge), has doubled the amount of time that Maggie will spend on her tummy, has gotten Maggie to consistently take 4 oz bottles (instead of 2 oz here, 5 oz there), has helped me figure out how much milk to leave for her during the day, has taken over my daily habit of taking pictures of her, has tested out different bottles for me, and has overall been so great. Nate made the comment that it is sort of crazy how the whole sister nanny thing worked out - I mean who would have thought we would have been living in the same city as her when we had a baby and that she would be available to watch her?

Monday, A starts school again and will only be watching Maggie part time, on days that she doesn't have class. The other time, we are sort of going with the flow. Yes - that phrase just came out of MY mouth. Next week, the grandparents are up to bat. My mom will be taking one day and my FIL and MIL will be taking another day. I feel so lucky that we live close to our families and that they are willing to help us out with Maggie. [Although, come on - who wouldn't want to spend time with that cutie pie?!?] We were lucky in January to have my MIL and Nate's cousin's girlfriend (home from college) to pinch hit on a day that A couldn't make it. We're hoping our luck continues otherwise I might be interviewing part-time nannies soon!

I also am lucky that my office is really flexible so that I can basically set a new schedule every week if necessary. Next week I will be working all five days - three long days (ten hours) and two short days (of 4 and 6 hours each) to accomodate when we could arrange for childcare. I don't know if I will like this better or worse than working four long days. Stay tuned...

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