Monday, January 24, 2011

11 for 11

Ok so it's almost the end of January. I heard someone in my office say "Happy New Year" today so I figured this post wasn't too late. Here are my resolutions/goals:

1. Read 18 books. I don't know if this is me purposely underestimating so that I make this goal or if this is totally out of the realm of possibility. I finished two books so far this month:
Crow Lake by Mary Lawson
Mockingjay (Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins
I felt like this was pretty easy to do but maybe not so much in future months. So 18it is.

2. Run a half marathon. While I was pregnant I made plans to run the 2011 MKE Lakefront marathon with two of my Boston '07 buddies from Chicago. (WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!) I was hoping thought they might have forgotten about that but one of them emailed me last week. I don't know if this marathon is going to happen for me (it's in October) but I do think a half marathon is doable. There was talk of MB coming up to Wisco to run the inaugural Summerfest half marathon with me. Peer pressure is always a good thing to help motivate you!

3. Make one thing a month. I copied this from another blogger but I thought it was doable. Even if it is cutting a bookmark out of a piece of paper :) I signed up to do the Pay it Forward homemade pledge on facebook so I at least have 5 of the months covered. Two of these 12 things must be knitted. I'm working on this cowl right now.

4. Work on my posture. I have terrible posture. I am proud to be tall but you wouldn't know it by my posture.

5. Drink more water. I got really good at this while pregnant but have since falled off the wagon. Maggie's doctor recommended this to me when I complained at how long it was taking me to pump. So more water it is!

6. Paint our hallway. We have very few things left to do to our house but we would like to re-paint our hallway. I chose a maroon paint for it before we moved in. This was a dumb idea. The hallway does not have a lot (if any) natural light so the maroon just makes it more cave like.

7. Remove the overgrown, hideous bushes from our front yard.

8. REALLY clean out my closet. My closet and corresponding rubbermaid tubs of seasonal wear is out of control. I always try to go through and get rid of things I do not wear, but it is oh so difficult. I always err on the side of keeping it. I would like to go through and get rid of things in time for the spring Divine Consign sale so I can sell it all. One thing that was nice about maternity clothes is that I had a limited selection. I knew what fit me and chose from that small section of my closet. I am overwhelmed by too much selection and not really knowing what does and does not fit me still.

9. This one's for my husband - go through the GIANT scrapbooking tubs in our closet. This gets suggested as a weekend activity, oh about 3 weekends out of a month and I always manage to get out of it. I had plans for all of these glorious scrapbooks - from travels, weddings, etc and never made them. Just threw things in giant tubs. Nate has even offered to help me MAKE these scrapbooks to get rid of these tubs. FOR REAL. Scrapbooking is one hobby I am happy to let go. I would like to make these books and then pack up all the supplies and gift them to someone...maybe my soon to be 11 year old cousin.

10. This one's for my sister. Stop calling her by her nickname bestowed upon her by my dad when she was 3. I recently found out it annoys her when we call her it. I made the comment, "I really don't call you that much anymore" to which she replied, "Amy, you're one of the worst offenders!!". Yikes! So step 1 - I entered her into my phone by her real first name.

11. Get back into doing Yoga. Again, while pregnant I was really into yoga and definitely saw the benefits of it. Since Maggie's arrival, I haven't done one pose. I really enjoyed the Shiva Rae Pregnancy Yoga DVD so if anyone has any non-pregnancy yoga DVD recommendations, please email/comment!

That's it! My 11 goals for '11.


heather said...

Love your list! The one about your sister cracked me up because I had a similar experience with my BIL. I met him when he was 11 years old and so called him his childhood nickname most of his life. He told us at the end of high school/early college that he hated us calling him that. Then soon after college he got a new email address and guess which name he used? :-) Guess nicknames sometimes come back into fashion!

I have spent the last month "trying out" yoga and I am SO HOOKED! I have always been a "if I'm not totally sweaty & tired then it's not worth doing it" type of exerciser, but surprisingly (to me)...I love it! If you find dvds you like, please let me know! I've been using exercise tv on u-verse lately and like Yogaworks quite a bit.

Silky Jess said...

I am in love with Shiva Rea's Daily Energy Yoga DVD ( You can choose a 20 minute practice or put together multiple practices for a longer workout. Totally essential if you have kids and want to fit in at least brief bursts of yoga. (It's a little difficult with a 2-year-old jumping on you while trying to strike a pose, but such is life in my household).