Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zany Outfit = Zany Maggie

The way I feel about a day is often tied to my outfit. So if I stay unshowered in my pjs all day (which sometimes feels good), I sort of have a slovenly attitude about the day and do not get much done. And by the end of the day, I feel totally gross. If I get up, shower, put normal clothes on (re: no yoga pants and long sleeve T), I get a lot more accomplished. Even when I am not on maternity leave, I have felt this way. People at work say I dress up a lot and it's probably true because I feel that if I start the day looking professional, I'll be more productive at work than if I show up in jeans and a T.

I think my daughter inherited this.

Yesterday I dressed her in a zany outfit. Mostly because I have been waiting for her to fit into these fun wool pants on loan from CD and this sock monkey onesie we got from one of my colleagues. I figured, the shirt has orange in it, they sort of go together. Well, Maggie was in a crazy, fun mood all day. Thus I took 77 pictures of her (don't worry - only a fraction of them are posted below).

I know, I know - I blame the fast shutter speed of our camera ;) To quote my brother, "When do you go back to work?! That kid has to be sick of you." (Jan 3 is the official date).


Old MD Girl said...

Your brother cracks me up!

There is no way Maggie is sick of you. Look at those smiles and those chubby cheeks!

mm said...

Seriously, is there anything better than a baby lauging, smiling, and cooing? Love the pics AND the zany outfit. Do you have a matching one?

Missy said...

Do they have those pants in my size? Super cute! She is a doll and clearly loves every second with her mama.

BrookeK said...

she is soooooo cute!