Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long 2010, You've Been Good to Me

And so closes 2010. Jan-Sept of this year went by at the pace of a snail while the last quarter flew by.

2010 was an obviously memorable year for me. I survived 41 weeks (to the day) of pregnancy and gave birth to my first child, truly one of, if not THE, coolest thing I have done in my life.

Now for my annual look back on the year:

1. We started this year out on a cruise ship. Here's what I learned - never cruise in the early stages of pregnancy lest you end up in the ship infirmary with a French doctor who can't start an IV properly and makes you think dehydration really is an ectopic pregnancy.
2. We also went to the Carolinas this year! North and South Carolina were good to us.
3. Stayed in The Delafield Hotel as an early anniversary present courtesy of my in-laws.
4. We went to Appleton, WI for a night courtesy of a golf outing prize Nate won.
5. I traveled to the ATL for MB's Baby Shower

1. Had two papers accepted for publication in national peer-reviewed journals this year - to come out in 2011.
2. Kept up running until 32 weeks of pregnancy, including doing a 5K at the 20 week mark.
3. Survived 33 weeks of pregnancy-related insomnia. Yes I am lucky to have had a baby that took to sleeping through the night early on - but I but in my fair share of sleepless nights early on!
4. Read 28 books. (30 if you count the two pregnancy books I read).
5. Finished not one but two knitting projects in a year - this is quite an accomplishment in the world of this slow knitter.
6. Finished teaching spring semester and had good evaluations from the students.
7. I learned to Curl!
8. I re-learned how to embroider!
9. We learned how to re-upholster furniture (nursery chair and ottoman for Maggie's room).
10. I learned how to strip and stain furniture (Maggie's highchair from Goodwill).
11. Took cooking classes at Coquette Cafe with my mom.
12. Made a baby quilt in 4 days for Baby Anslea
13. I learned that cake decorating is NOT in the cards for me.
14. I celebrated my third year of being a homeowner.
15. We celebrated our third wedding anniversary and the arrival of our first daughter on the same day!
16. Looking back, I crafted a lot more than I thought I did. More bags of various types, a doll, a maternity skirt, a nightgown top, a travel wallet, curtains, and the piece de resistance: Maggie's Baptism dress.

Baby-related Accomplishments
1. Labor and Delivery. 'nuff said.
2. Having a healthy baby! Bonus score that she is cute
3. Breastfeeding success after four days of tubes, medical tape, hand expressing, pumping and feeding via syringe
4. Losing 35 lbs!
5. Using cloth diapers

House-related Accomplishments - this did start as a home remodel/makeover blog afterall
1. Finishing the upstairs bathroom so that we officially have a 4BR 2BATH house.
2. Re-carpeting the basement and converting part of it into Craft Central
3. Converting our guest room to a nursery and the office to the guest room
4. Changing out all the inside doorknobs to closets and bedrooms. (The old ones were N-A-S-T-Y)
5. Got a landscaping plan for our yard - watch out 2011!

TV-So I'm not a big TV fan except of watching shows on DVD. Here are shows we watched via DVD this year
1. Weeds Season 5
2. Mad Men Seasons 1-3 and watched Season 4 real time
3. The Wire ALL FIVE SEASONS. We were addicts.
4. Glee - part of Season 1
5. Started to watch Big Love. We didn't get into it so we stopped.
6. True Blood

And your favorite and mine..the "Oh My G** Did I really just do that/Did that Just happen to me?"
1. Passing out mid-pedicure during the Disney Cruise. This is how my cousin-in-law found out I was preggers.
2. Taking my pants off in the middle of the YMCA fitness floor only to find out that I did NOT have shorts on underneath but did have nude underwear and a flow blown wedgie.
3. We saw Anthony Bourdain at the Riverside!!! (Too bad we didn't meet him)
4. I wore a paper chicken hat through much of the Wisconsin State Fair where I also danced, in full 38-weeks pregnant glory to get a free package of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Shameless.
5. Tripping in the grass on my way to my car after work before the first meeting of a book club I was joining and having to show up with two huge grass stains on the knees of my pants.

We did not go to one wedding this year. CRAZY. We were invited to two, but one occurred while we were in the Carolinas and one was ten days post-Maggie. Congrats to Greg & Pam and Steve and Nicole.

Births - As I predicted last year, 2010 was the year of births, not just our own:
1. Felix
2. Christian
3. Sawyer
4. Anslea
5. Charlotte
6. Aleena
7. Madeleine x 2
8. Madelynne
9. Olivia
10. Gavin
11. Beckett
12. Benjamin
13. Zoe
14. Sofia
15. Natalie
16. Kolton
17. Jocelyn
18. Greta
*If I didn't mention your baby, I'm sorry. This list was done quickly off the top of my head.

And new years resolutions were not made in 2010 but will be back in 2011. Stay tuned.

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