Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Baby

Maggie has met the big guy twice already and both times she seemed rather unimpressed, as these pictures clearly document.

The first picture is with her cousin Toni. My mom has gotten a picture with Toni & Santa since she was little and this year Maggie was in on the action.

The second time is through the Kids Club at Nate's Bank. After sitting on Santa's lap she got a Curious George Christmas book and I got her cupcake. :)

Both times she was pretty quiet. She has one more chance to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas on Saturday morning. We are starting our Christmas celebrations early. Saturday is celebration #1 with my mom and siblings. We are starting by going to the Santa breakfast that the fire department (of which my brother is a member) puts on for a fundraiser.


BrookeK said...

wait til next year and she will probably take one look at Santa and be screaming! :)

Maayan said...

Nate's work Santa looks like the real deal. Just sayin.